Tuesday 10 December 2013

I wrote a blog last summer about the likely degeneration of society into social media use at funerals.

Since then the phenomenon of the selfie has increased and a tumblr page celebrating funeral selfies was created. I think the page is misleadingly titled – a lot of the pictures featured are people just grieving or dressed ready for a funeral. There’s nothing wrong with that, surely? Surely that is just social media engagement. That’s just sharing your life. It only becomes terrible when you have crossed the line of the grounds to wherever the funeral is happening.

Not that I would get involved in that kind of thing anyway.

It was at a fucking GARAGE. And I looked handsome. What do you want me to do? NOT SHARE IT? Do you know how often I look that handsome? Less than 130 times a year (maybe 160).

But generally it surely has to be seen as bad form to behave at a funeral the way you might at the Olympics opening ceremony. Or is it? Yes, yes it is different. And even if it is the celebration of the life of Morgan Freeman – has happened in South Africa – and it is meant to be a celebration, a joyous occasion. Then some adults taking pictures of themselves larging it up is a bit inappropriate. That it was the most powerful man in the world™ and …OBAMA (where’s my Have I Got News for You booking?) surely makes it all a bit worse.

I don’t know what the fuck this op piece in The Guardian is on about. Unsurprisingly the journalist uses an anecdote from their fucking important life as an excuse to make a weak point. If you want to write piss poor anecdotes and meaningless opinion that no-one cares about get a blog. Wow, I’m on fire today.

“A memorial should celebrate and reflect the life of the deceased.” How is taking a picture of you and your important friends celebrating Morgan Freenelsonmandela’s* life? At best it is celebrating their sense of friendship, more likely their vanity. I like Michelle’s stern look away from the selfie-fest. That’s how my face would look if my husband was having a laugh with David Cameron. Whatever they are doing it is not celebrating Nelson Mandela.

My point, which I haven’t got anywhere near making – so I’m not clarifying it here, is that if Tulisa and Dappy from N-Dubz had been pictured doing this at Professor Green’s funeral then the papers would be all over how appalling it was. And the selfie tumblr funeral account was all about judging these people for having no standards or respect (apart from where it judged people for doing a selfie on their way to a funeral, they got that wrong).

Apparently the selfie itself will not be released. Helle Thorning-Schmidt says it didn’t turn out as a good picture so it will remain private. That means they all look fat. I could have told them that leaning back and holding the camera just below head level was not going to work. And these bastards run the world.

The Obama selfie actually killed the funeral selfie tumblr.

*That is definitely respecting his life though.

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