Wednesday 11 December 2013

I had one of a few (small) christmas outings with different work people this afternoon. This was with people who do the same job as me in different teams. Glad we got that cleared up, saves thousands of people reading this thinking, “OK, but what differentiated this group of people from another group you might have been with?”

I had to receive the whole ‘what’s the point of Twitter?’ rant* from someone. I don’t like it (Twitter). What’s the point in it? People just writing “I’ve just had some breakfast” and things like that. Why would you want to do that?’ etc

All I hear when people say this is: I don’t understand it because I’m simple or don’t even want to try and I’m going to attempt to cover up how small-minded I am with some cod-sophistication.

Do you ever see people put anything like these supposed ‘I’ve just brushed my teeth’ tweets that people suppose Twitter is full of?

Are there self-obsessed people sharing mundane shit on Twitter? Yes. All of us. However you just don’t follow the accounts of people who don’t interest you. Just because 91% of Twitter is people following people they hate (Louise Mensch, Piers Morgan) to get annoyed by them doesn’t mean you HAVE to do that. You don’t even have to follow Stephen Fry (in fact if you made a big deal out of how good he is on Twitter you’ll sound very passé).

It doesn’t cast a cloud over the xmas meal, at a Turkish buffet?!?! For a Christmas meal. What are we like? It was alright though. If you fancy a decent feed with plenty of option I cannot recommend Efes in Manchester any more highly than to say it’s an OK place to go. Major drawback is an inability to lock the toilet door in the gents which can lead you to see a large men defecating.

It was then followed by a trip to the Christmas markets. Which weren’t as bad as my experiences in previous years. I do find them charming when they aren’t uncomfortably busy. And they weren’t uncomfortably busy. So I was charmed.

You know what they need, though? You do know what would make the Manchester Christmas markets amazing? Brass band on the steps of the town hall playing Good King Wenceslas on repeat. Maybe they could do other songs. And if they needed a break there could be some choir singers.

It would be better with a brass band though wouldn’t it? Can I think things better or what? *Makes mental note to add ‘Thinks things better without proof they are better’ to Linkdin profile*

*Rant in this case entails someone just saying their, admittedly bland, opinion. It is certainly a rehearsed opinion from many that engenders nods from other people who don’t really know what Twitter is. It is this lack of objection and consent to an opinion that allowed Hitler to etc.

Obligatory picture of FC/Town Hall from the Market

Obligatory picture of FC/Town Hall from the Market

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