Monday 09 December 2013

I read an article about Nirvana Unplugged yesterday and have wanted to listen to it ever since. Today I listened to it.

Lovely little story that wasn’t it? Sometimes I think people can go into too much detail. I know I can. Just thought I’d cut that one back to the basics. Still a little bit of fat there. Could definitely lose the word ever. You can generally lose the word ever – almost never required.

I don’t spend too much time thinking about Kurt Cobain these days. I don’t live in the early 90s for piss’ sake. I live in about 1996. Get over it.

I did used to think more about Kurt Cobain. But he stopped being someone I thought about too much. Odd how some people come on the journey with you and some stay left in a box on a shelf in the storage locker of your brain. I wonder if I’d still be interested in the music he was doing if he hadn’t put the cold metal barrel of the shotgun in his mouth and smashed his brain out of his skull (with a bullet)*.

People would like to imagine he would still be rebelling against the man, raging against the machine. He would have an official Twitter account. A Facebook page. He would do events for Google. And he would have done about seven mainly terrible solo albums. Maybe.

He could maybe have drifted into film scores and have a couple of Oscars for his work with Steven Spielberg on A.I.


I’ve been very tired today. Tired. I find out that I got in at two this morning. It starts to make sense, the tiredness. I don’t find this out until quite late in the day.

*Only joking – we all know it was murder.

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