Monday 23 July 2012


I have this theory that the worst thing society will do – in a non-war/genocide way, more a social networking way – is when people start tagging each other at a family funeral. Or put pictures on Facebook from a funeral. I bring this thought out into the public domain every now and then. It came about today because someone shared the horrible news story about two missing sisters (fortunately found safe and well, or I probably wouldn’t be mentioning it). Well it was more a picture of them in a ‘have you seen these?’ type thing. And someone had ‘liked’ it. Now I’m not for one moment suggesting this person liked the fact that two young girls were missing. But she had liked the picture. She did it, one imagines, to either be supportive of the search or so that people would see it on her timeline (what she should have done if that was the case was ‘share’ it). But what it showed on a base level was a picture with a caption about two missing children and underneath a thumbs up symbol and XXXXX XXXXX likes this. It just looks bad is all I’m saying – and that people might want to think about that.

I’m not quite sure how that led on to me bringing up my Facebook Funeral thing as I walked for some lunch, but – as I said to my friend Paul – it has almost certainly happened hasn’t it? Just because I don’t know people who have done it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. Maybe it is fine that it has happened. I don’t think death and social networking mix. But that is easy to say when I haven’t lost anyone special to me (sorry if you’re reading this grandparents, but we weren’t that close – you know it, I know it, we all know it). Anyway, I have gone a bit off-track there. I didn’t mean to sound judgemental about how people handle grief – I did mean to sound judgemental about the very real possibility that thanks to the ubiquity of the digital camera a funeral might/has/definitely will be a place people start to take pictures and tag each other on Facebook.

Pop Jesus

Sometimes I would be prepared to stretch the truth in order to make a point; like – and this isn’t an example I have done – when some people say that they haven’t ever seen Pop Idol or Big Brother and you know that they have definitely seen a bit of one when they were at someone’s house or fitting in with a boyfriend/girlfriend or something. But I am not doing this now: I have no idea what this thing is about finding someone for a musical thing is that’s on ITV at the moment. I heard some people at work talking about it today and they had to explain it to me – for the musical about Jesus. The Superstar one.

When I don’t watch one of these shows normally stuff like Twitter means that I can’t help but know quite a lot about it. Because The Voice/Pop Idol/(in olden times) Big Brother completely fill the feed and mean you can read about little else. But this Jesus thing is completely new to me. As I started writing this I did see someone say that  Andrew Lloyd Webber could ruin them for theatre auditons in all musical theatre. So, Andrew Lloyd Webber is like the Don of musical theatre? It just doesn’t have anything impressive about that. It just makes him sound like a bully – unlike actual mafia bosses who are cool and definitely not bullies at all.

All I’m trying to say is – what the fucking hell is going on when there’s a show so shit I don’t even know what it is? And I refuse to use the internet to look it up. It can just fuck off.

Unseasonal Sandwich

Just as Summer finally reared its stupid sunny fucking head..what an odd choice of sandwich to have available today, this shop doesn’t have this there normally. It’s not a year-round thing (in case you were wondering*).

*get a fucking life.

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