Saturday 13 October 2012

Summer’s Gone

Do you remember a couple of months ago when everyone was having triathlon routes tattooed on their children’s faces? When people were spending three days straight watching judo?

This afternoon BBC1 – who won the hearts and minds of the nation with some terrific broadcasting – showed 90 minutes of QUALIFYING for a Formula 1 race. That’s the qualifying – the bit where they all drive round in a circle by themselves. They are racing each other in a way, but not in a proper car race way – it’s where they all try to do a turn quicker to see in what order they start.

And this was not live. This had happened earlier in the day. OK, ostensibly the BBC were giving people a chance to see something that had happened in the wee small hours at a more hospitable time. But there’s the internet and the red button and iPlayer and Sky+s and other recording devices for that.

I fucking love sport but surely the BBC could do better than this and spend less money than they probably paid for this shit. They might as well broadcast some people playing Mario Kart online with the Chuckle Brothers commentating. Actually that would be the shit.

O2 Predictable

Rather than spread their incompetency across thousands of users, as they did yesterday when lots of people couldn’t make or receive phone calls, O2 focussed back in on the one-to-one incompetency that they have made their speciality over the years. After failing to activate the O2 Travel before I went on holiday – which meant I had all the internet charges on my running bill – and promising me the charge would be nullified, today my bill arrived for the period. It included the charge that I had been guaranteed would not be charged to me.

I had another very helpful assistant when I phoned them again today. Very helpful. He told me that the last time I had rang the man I spoke to had to complete a form to stop me being charged but that he had done it wrong. The system had told him he had done it wrong and that he needed to do it again. He hadn’t done it again and that is where the annulment had gotten. It’s good that there is a system in place. I told the guy it wasn’t the money that was important, it was the principle.

There are all these people draining money out from me with incompetencies. If I wasn’t chasing them up they’d be laughing.  Same with the gym who have been taking £27 a month of me since last year despite telling me my account was cancelled. Loads of people must just not be bothered chasing stuff like this up. This is where people like O2 end up making millions – people just not being arsed chasing £50 up that they shouldn’t be charged. Or not believe that they have a leg to stand on when it is in fact O2 who are the ones in the wrong.

The problem with apathy is that it lets those doing something win, whether they are right or wrong. Don’t get me wrong I am fucking apathetic at times but if you ever wondered why someone shit had a better job/car/house/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/slave/life than you it’s probably because they DID something that involved something as complicated as turn up to a meeting no-one else did, volunteer for something easy that no-one else wanted to do, or was working for someone who died and got their job by default.

This is why we are ran by a shit-eating rich bastard and his mates sorting out the country so the rich get sorted and everyone else gets fucked.

And that’s how you go from the inefficiency of O2 to calling David Cameron a cunt in just a few short sentences.

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