Thursday 20 September 2012

Something not covered in holiday blogs

Pepsi have a strange stranglehold on Rhodes. You can get Coca-Cola but it’s not everywhere like it is everywhere else. It is a bit like the 1980s when Pepsi had their misjudged run at being the cola of the world. And lost – because it is fucking shit*. Throughout the week I keep thinking of some dramatic coke war in Rhodes in the 90s. Perhaps some hotshot young Coca-Cola salesman was sacked – sacked even though it broke his mentor’s heart to sack him. Pepsi snap up the hotshot but he’s off the rails. A couple of years later he is posted to be the salesman for Greece and its islands. It’s accepted that he’s onto a loser and will fail so Pepsi can sack him.

But he meets someone. And this girl gives him a kick up the arse and he sorts his shit out. He starts making inroads into the Coca-Cola Greece (and islands) dominance. Coke need it sorting out so they send one of the oldest and best to go and sort it out. It’s only the young guy’s mentor! What are the odds? They have a titanic battle for the island’s dominance…and I don’t know the girl the young one fell for turns out to be the mentor’s daughter or something. And then the mentor dies, but not because of stress and he dies happy his daughter is with someone like him. I’d watch it – a film of it I mean. I was describing the plot of a hypothetical film.

*This is very hush hush: don’t tell anyone. I am a bit ashamed. Our hotel had Pepsi. Just Pepsi. If you have FREE Pepsi and no Coca-Cola alternative and you are sat around in the heat you are going to have to bite the bullet. More accurately you MIGHT choose to DRINK Pepsi if you were thirsty and the other options were fizzy fruit juices. Also, if – in your troubled, slightly depraved head you have to think things like this to get by – you can just see it as a different drink and not an alternative cola AND you always have it with plenty of ice AND you have a cheeky can of Coca-Cola when you see some in shops (not that you see it that fucking much) to ease the addictive twinged THEN you can just about stomach drinking Pepsi for a week on your holidays without gagging (too much).

O2 Brutus

I’m used to being stung by data charges when I leave the country. To this end I sorted O2 Travel out the weekend before I went away. This supposedly guaranteed I be charged no more than £2 a day for data, and if I went over the limit of data for this £2 I would get a text. I never got a text and three days I couldn’t even get on the internet: so basic math says I should be looking at about £8 charges. £45 according to O2.

Fortunately one long online chat sorted this out. Kamal confirmed that he had a log of my discussion two weeks ago where the sole purpose was to get O2 Travel sorted – but the person speaking to me – despite agreeing to this – had NOT done this. Kamal confirmed that I had been charged £45 despite this. 10 minutes in and we had established that the two things I opened the call by stating were true. Thanking him for confirming what I already knew the next step was asking Kamal if he could clarify WHY BOTH THINGS WERE TRUE DESPITE BEING CONTRADICTORY.

Another 15 minutes later Kamal told me I wouldn’t be charged these monies. I am almost 97% certain I will be charged these monies when my next bill comes in.

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