Thursday 10 July 2014

At the risk of being remarkably trite this was probably my best birthday. Ever.

Yes, I received a lovely coffee machine while will allow me to make wanky coffees to my heart’s content. Yes, I got the retro United shirt I have always wanted (despite being able to afford this for some time). Yes, I got…well I didn’t really get anything else that was that good besides this*.

The reason was of course that today was the first birthday I have celebrated while being a wearer of bamboo socks. A lot of people say that you won’t understand wearing bamboo socks until you have your own socks. And it’s a cliché that is true.

I used to know that wearing bamboo socks was pretty special. I didn’t envy those people who had one – or more – pairs of bamboo socks; it seemed like a great bit of fun and I could occasionally look at the socks for a short time and enjoy it. I was always walking away from the socks though, relieved I didn’t have the responsibility of wearing some bamboo socks.

But what do you know? You find out you’ve got a pair of bamboo socks and you start wearing them, forgetting to worry that I was going to wear the socks incorrectly or wear them in a way that would damage them – and just loving the socks with everything I had.

And today those socks were with me all through the day. So. Best birthday**.

*This is being disingenuously mean, I got some other lovely things.
**Yes, it is a clever metaphor: the socks are my son.

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