Monday 16 June 2014

I know my son is due food.

We’ve been delayed a little while an incompetent – but nice (apparently)- man repeatedly tries to make a key open a door. I knew when the door didn’t open that this was not going to end in the door opening and us being able to look at a house. He is an estate agent by the way. We aren’t in some bizarre voyeuristic cult.

After trying it again and again. And phoning to check he had the right keys, he did – they said. And trying again. And asking my partner to try for him. After all this, he admitted that we weren’t going to get in the house. I thought, if he was better at his job he would be more profuse with this apology. More importantly, he would have brought the right keys to the house.

This has all pushed his majesty’s feed back. He does fall asleep in the car. I tentatively raise the subject of Krispy Kremes. Haha, I’d like a Krispy Kreme haha. No, seriously I’d like one and we’re going near a Tesco. Please can we go?

What is happening to me? I’m 35, soon to be 36, overweight and not the most in-shape I’ve been. Who gets addicted to Krispy Kremes at this point in their life? Sure I thought I could handle the odd donut. It’s OK, I’ve got a hold on this.

We went to a Tesco and I bought two donuts.

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