Sunday 18 May 2014

It was the annual 10,000 metres race in Manchester race today. I say race….it’s a not really a race for many people. For a lot of people it’s a run. For some people it’s a genuine effort to raise money for a good cause. For some people it’s another way to say ‘look (uk at me’.

I’m pretty sure the first time I did it I was part of the second group. The second time was probably in bit between the second and third group. More in the second group. It’s not like I don’t like attention, it’s more that running is not something that comes naturally to me: there was still effort.

For the last five years my role has been to sponsor friends and colleagues. But this has come to an end.  It’s not because too many people are doing it. It’s not even because I don’t think it counts as an effort for some people (ultimately it’s the charity getting the money, I’m not going to overthink that element).

No, it’s because people stopped saying thank you. An email generated by a website with some generic text is not a thank you. I’ve been both generous with people I know quite well and also given a nice, regular amount to people I don’t know that well and received only a generic automated response.

If people started relying on an automated email to thank me for holding a door open – after an initial period of thinking it was brilliant – I would think it was a right big shiter of a behaviour. And that’s holding a door. Not giving a bit of money.

So, from now on I’m just going to give straight to the good cause. Which should be fine for you because it’s all about the charity getting the money.


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