Monday 30 June 2014

This is probably going to be a crushing disappointment to you reading this but I’ve decided to not stop writing this blog. I’ve decided to stop thinking I can catch up with the blog retrospectively – though I may still do something to cheat and make this kind of happen. 

What’s behind this monumental decision? Well there are some great blogs not being written by me. The last couple of months have seen some days where I think “I have an hilarious take on these events that the public are talking about” or “this thing what I’ve experienced in my own life provides a platform for some pointless rhetoric or anecdotal humour.”

Some things we’ve missed out on:

  • What I think of Nigel Farage
  • Why I support England’s football team without shame – or xenophobia.
  • A man complaining about the price of a bus ticket even though his complaint was both wrong and based on the premise that it would be cheaper to do something he could do on the bus if he wanted (I feel particularly guilty about this tease, I know everyone reading this is desperate to know the details about this example)
  • Tina’s death in Coronation Street
  • The unexplained loss of two beloved items of clothing
  • The rise and fall of a dedicated naan bread shop across the road
  • A spiralling addiction to Krispy Kreme donuts
  • A spiralling hatred of Ed Milliband
  • Why I was both in both the defence and prosecution of society’s trial of Louis Suarez.
  • Endless boring odes to my son

And much, much less.

Of course I will probably return to some/all of the above in the future. 

The main hurdle to clear has been that there won’t have been one a day. After over 1000 it was something of a badge of honour. Also a millstone. Also a completely pointless achievement devoid of any value to anyone in the world. 

As I said, I will probably retroactively fill (Phil? lol) in the blanks.

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