Thursday 24 April 2014

“You can’t have gin. It’s four o’clock, you’re at work and if I offered you some gin you would all come up with some reason not to have any gin. So stop doing a joke about having a glass of gin,” I didn’t say this afternoon as someone did a joke about a glass of water being a glass of gin.

Why do people joke about something like that?

I am definitely going to get some gin in so I can call some serious bluffs.

Making the odd joke about it is one thing. Over ten in a five-minute spell is not acceptable. And then repeating it on a web-conference…is that the best thing people can make a joke about? Needing a glass of gin. These people have a problem if you ask me.

It was a few fucking jokes. Why can’t I just let this go?

Footnote: I did say, after the initial joke, “if there is a gin on offer then you can set me one up.” I would definitely have had a gin if someone had poured one. So I am not the same as the person making the same gin joke for the nineteenth time.

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