Monday 24 March 2014

This might just provide a little bit of evidence that I check Facebook too often.

Sometimes I am waiting places – it’s less likely that it will be I am at home with nothing to do – and I check my Facebook a lot. I don’t know why. I have the internet to go at and I’m looking at something that can only tell me what a bunch of fucking normal idiots are thinking.

Well not many people are saying things. And there’s a post that just lingers there…and loads of people think it’s brilliant – even though it’s shit – and because they think it’s interesting it stays prominent. Sometimes I hide these posts. Fuck me for looking after myself I suppose.

If you do this Facebook interrogates you to make sure you know how important it is what you are doing. WHY DON’T YOU WANT TO SEE THIS? And because there is only three reasons you could not want to see something it asks you which of the three it is. 

  1. IS IT ANNOYING OR NOT INTERESTING? These should be two separate points, no? There is a lot of things that I am not interested in but I wouldn’t say the boring fuckers annoyed me.
  2. I THINK IT SHOULDN’T BE ON FACEBOOK. Well that’s highly open to interpretation.
  3. IT’S SPAM. You’re spam.

If you choose the first option Facebook then suggests you tell the person…that will end well. Because people are so good at taking constructive criticism from other people.

“Hi, it’s Phil here just dropping you a note that that update you put about looking forward to eating a mint with your friend at the rodeo really didn’t float my boat. It made me wish I was dead a little bit just so I’ll never see anything you write ever again. Thanks, Philip.”

Maybe Facebook is friends with people who can take criticism a lot better than the people I know.

Feel free to hide this post by the way – I am fine if you don’t feedback. I know it’s shit.

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