Tuesday 24 December 2013

So the whole working December with is over. The problem is that I am now like 20 days of my December rhythm. What this boils down to is that I did some extra socialising and I did less trying to feel Christmas-y by watching some Christmas DVDs.

The result has seen me feel similarly Christmas-y. That is not very. Not at the ridiculous end of the scale where I wretch at the thought of Christmas. Just not at the other end of the scale. I think it is mainly because I am not nine anymore. Unlucky paedophiles, you missed out, I am now an adult.

Today, however, would involve catching up on some Christmas viewing. I couldn’t not watch any of the Christmas films. So, after ensuring my partner didn’t go mad because she hadn’t assured the purchase of a turkey the other day, I resolved to watch Mickey’s Christmas Carol at the very least. MCC is good for what ails you at Christmas.

Then I rolled right into It’s A Wonderful Life faultlessly. Having seen it ten or eleven times there definitely wouldn’t be any getting slightly caught up in emotions. And thus I definitely didn’t have a brief tear in my eye when the few selfish bastards have taken all their money out of Bailey’s Savings and Loan, rather than just what they need, and then the woman just asks for what she needs – rather than put the Savings and Loans out of business.

There was even time for a little Scrooged action before the end of the evening. My partner hadn’t even seen it before. What is that all about? No….that’s not an acceptable answer.

So, two of the three things were versions of A Christmas Carol. I would never call it my favourite book, though I do dig it. But there is a case for it being my favourite story. It is entirely brilliant and I never get bored of watching/reading versions of it (and indeed the original itself).

I don’t know which I would qualify as the best version. There are a few versions of the original story that are particularly good. I like the Alistair Sims version, as is the style. But I think the modern adaptations of Donner (Scrooged), Disney (Mickey’s Christmas Carol) and Muppets (Muppet’s Christmas Carol) are my three best ones. Notable mention to Blackadder.

Mickey’s take on the tale is the most economical, rattling in under 25 minutes. But this is part of the brilliance of the story. There is no fat on it. It manages to set up and establish a character and take him on a life changing magical journey and have a happy ending with the smallest amount of fuss possible.

It also has a very simple message: be nice to other people because it makes for a better world. And it’s true. I mean the world would be pretty dull and nothing interesting would ever happen. But that’s because people always have to take not being nice too far. Just be a bit mean about people behind their backs. You don’t have to murder them. Typical bloody human race.

And even though It’s A Wonderful Life is ostensibly not a version of the Dickens CC it kind of is really. It’s all about realising the implication of your life on the world. Scrooge realises being evil kind of ruins a few people lives whereas George Bailey needs a trainee angel to show him what a good fucking egg he has been. IAWL is just kind of a remix of ACC given the American slant of someone being brilliant but not realising it whereas the English original was about not realising you’re a cunt and how you’re ruining stuff for everyone. (America kind of is Scrooge, you feel me? That’s a bit political eh?)

God bless us, everyone.

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