Wednesday 25 December 2013

I remember when social media was frowned upon in some situations. “I thought he was meant to be on holiday, what’s he doing on Facebook? He must be having a great time,” is an example of the kind of thing I have people say about someone putting something on Facebook that would have taken about 14 seconds.

Then as soon as the majority of people got smartphones is was suddenly OK to do social media as much as they wanted. Because me, for example, taking 15 minutes out of the son and sitting at a computer while I cool down and taking the time to check my emails and maybe write a few things on Facebook, is someone ruining a holiday and negating THE ENTIRE HOLIDAY.  Now we are all OK with it because people sit with their phones perennially about their person so they can type their thoughts or take pictures to put on camstagram.

This isn’t me bemoaning that social change. I prefer the company of the internet to real people. Why would I want to listen to you tell me something I can see/we agree about in a real conversation when I can be the first one to do a joke on Twitter?

No, I wasn’t moaning. I just noticed that Facebook is a busier and busier website on Christmas day as each year goes by. It is now STANDARD that anyone with children does that picture of all the presents piled up. I, more precisely my mother, has these pictures spanning back through my childhood. It’s quite an odd phenomenon when you think about it. I suppose it stems from the accomplishment the parents have put into amassing all these gifts and the hours they have worked to pay for the things. Shit, this wasn’t meant to get at all earnest. If everyone could just follow me out of this emergency sentence I will end this paragraph right now.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to write something so preachy and critical. I didn’t write this on xmas day or anything. I wrote it on like Boxing Day.

Merry Christmas.

[Telly was shite*]

A Christmas treat:


*At this point I have only really seen Dr Who, which was ok and Eastenders which was terrible – but I already hate it. Corrie will be watched on Boxing Day and I forgot to Sky+ Downton. True story.

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