Saturday 23 November 2013

I’d quite like to either hate Doctor Who; I also wouldn’t mind being completely Doctor Who crazy. It is just my luck that I am pretty ambivalent about Doctor Who.

What does make me squirm is when people make out that they are some kind of geek because they like Doctor Who. YEAH! Maybe if it was 1987 and you were loving it. It’s on Saturday evening primetime television on the most popular channel on British television. Proper alternative stuff. Ditto people who like X-Men films or The Avengers or Spider-Man and think they are a geek. No, that means you like films based on comics that geeks like and that geeks might also like.

I like superhero films and vampires and zombie stuff. And despite having always liked these things (and not just for the past four years) doesn’t make me a geek. Geeks are people who play online games where they pretend to be a wizard, play games with die where they pretend to be a wizard, or role play gamebooks where they pretend to be a wizard*.

Liking Doctor Who now it is now mainstream and looks expensive isn’t very geeky. Liking a fucking stupid show that looks like some shambolic amateur science-fiction project for sex offenders is what makes you a geek.

Things not to be confused by regarding this stance on Doctor Who: (1) That I respect geeks, I don’t – I think they’re mainly dodgy people with questionable sexual proclivities towards children; (2) That I dislike Doctor Who/superhero/science-fiction being popular – I don’t, I like it (it’s better than Made in Essex etc); (3) You may have noticed that I seem to convince the definitions of ‘geek’ with ‘paedophile’. It’s not an accident**.

I did watch and somewhat enjoy the 50th anniversary Doctor Who episode. There were some elements that troubled me – a Welsh Queen Elizabeth I for starters. Mainly it was quite good though. I suppose it would have been much more enjoyable if I had got the 300 references to previous episodes of Doctor Who. But I didn’t.

Watching this episode put me one ahead of my annual Who-ving (christmas episode when trapped with family). I imagine I will give Capaldi a go before getting bored and giving up like I did with Ecclestone and Smith.

*I remember having a little run at these when I was about ten. But (a) they were weird (b) I just cheated and (c) they weren’t football.
**This is just for comedy effect, I know that some geeks are happily into consensual sex with adults – but dressing up like an alien at a conference centre twice a year kind of wipes that out in my book.

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