Sunday 24 November 2013

I’d say the most conflict in my relationship comes from me getting frustrated at things being expected from me at times when I don’t want to do them. My usual gritted response will often involve me THINKING, “fuck off will you? Just fuck off – I fully accept that in all fairness I need to empty the bins but I want to empty the bins in a few hours and not now, if you need the bins emptying so badly right this minute why don’t you do it your fucking self?”

I suppose the main problem is that I mainly want to not do something. I mainly want to be be doing nothing. So doing something generally doesn’t fit in with my plans. You can see the bind I’m in. You can certainly see why I occasionally write short blog entries that don’t go anywhere and have even less point than usual. Because I’d rather be doing nothing than doing this. Than doing anything.

Sometimes I am prone to fleshing things out with a YouTube video to make it seem more content-heavy than it really is. It’s not really something you would notice though. [Especially when it’s a song this good – to be fair*]

*Ash, never really got went on there. Seemed like they were keen on the whole success thing. Seemed like good, intelligent lads. Tim Wheeler pretty good looking lad and wrote some great pop songs over the first three albums. Well, over the first and the third album. But they never really had any proper success despite being cracking. I mean I am pretty sure they paid for a few houses and that but I’d say they had at least seven proper belting songs and it seems like they should have been something more. Maybe they are something more and I just have never picked up on it. Life Less Ordinary. Kung Fu. Girl from Mars. Oh Yeah. Jack Names The Planets. Sometimes. Shining Light. Goldfinger. Burn Baby Burn. Lost in You. Uncle Pat. Great songs.

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