Friday 22 November 2013

Conspiracy theories or no conspiracy theories one thing is sure: fifty years ago today someone did something that made the President of America’s explode to bits.

I don’t really remember ten years ago but I remember twenty years ago and all the fuss about the thirty year anniversary and watching lots of things with my dad. My old man and I share several interests: Manchester United, always wanting one more slice of alcohol andĀ The Big Bang Theory to name but three.

I sat an watched all kinds of documentaries around 1993 – and, to be fair, at other points as documentaries about JFK’s assassination are sometimes on at occasions other than a decadiversary of that faithful day in Texas.

Was there a time traveller on the grassy knoll? Was Lee Harvey Oswald his own twin? Was Kennedy killed by a Cuban missile? Theories abound as to exactly how the most important man in the world ended up with his skull dotted about the back of a car.

With the fiftieth anniversary I was waiting for some funky shit theory to smash the piss out of everything I’ve seen or read about in the years I’ve been obsessed/occasionally interested in the 9/11 of Kennedy’s skull. And what has almost every documentary I’ve seen suggested? THAT IT IS QUITE LIKELY THAT THE ASSASSINATION WAS THE WORK OF A LONE GUNMAN ON THE SIXTH FLOOR WINDOW OF THE TEXAS BOOK DEPOSITORY. And that man was almost certainly Lee Harvey Oswald.

Yes it is the greatest conspiracy theory of them all: the ‘truth’ suggested by the American government was the truth. I just don’t find the palatable truth an acceptable explanation. In none of the recent documentaries has there been long analysis of things on the grassy knoll that look nothing like a human adult with a gun – with someone’s voiceover suggesting that it is a human adult with a gun. [“The badge man would have had a clear shot at the head of The President – if indeed the badge man did exist.”]

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