Sunday 22 September 2013

Thanks but no thanks

Gracias seems to be surviving an awful long time without being shortened. How are people still labouring over two syllables to thank people? I am thing of writing an open letter to the people of Spain suggesting that from 2014 they all just accept ‘graci’ (pronounced grassy) as an acceptable shortening of the Spanish thank-you.

It’s long overdue for a makeover and it seems the Spanish are too busy having a nap every afternoon to get around to it any time soon. Typically it will fall to me to get it done.


I keep hearing non-English people talk to each other in English. It’s like some dream where my uneducated subconscious wants to make it clear that they are foreign but can’t do it with foreign language. Actually it is more like Eldorado, especially in the early months when they actually had lots of non-English cast speaking to each other in English even though they were s Swedish married couple, for example.

Of course they all speak English much better than all of the English people here: they are mainly from places like Derbyshire and part of Yorkshire awaiting electricity.

Not bad for a Sunday morning.

Not bad for a Sunday morning.

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