Monday 23 September 2013

It’s going swimmingly

I would describe myself as a non-swimmer. If I am asked if I can swim, I respond in the negative.

I have found myself dabbling with swimming in the hotel’s pools. I am not going very far. But there are definitely moments when I am propelling myself through water. One of the reasons the moments don’t last very long, I realise, is because I am holding my breath. I am holding my breath because I am panicking. “Remember to breath, you aren’t breathing,” suggests my partner helpfully. I hadn’t thought of breathing. To be fair I don’t seem to be breathing so it’s hardly a  moot point.

swimming picture

Read It Like A Book

Choosing to read a biography of Sir Alex Ferguson as my first holiday read has backfired somewhat. It’s not a short read. And I am very aware of Sir Alex Ferguson’s life story: this isn’t my first Sir Alex Ferguson biography. This one is meant to be a bit more critical than the others. To a degree it is but even his autobiographies don’t paint the picture of an angel. I plough on hoping to find out something I don’t already know.


Usually when I am away the only English speaking TV channel in the room is BBC News. I watch a lot of BBC News when I am on holiday. In this room we have the equivalent of Freeview (minus ITVs). I am not watching that much TV on this holiday. Isn’t that funny?

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