Saturday 21 September 2013


This isn’t my first visit to an all inclusive resort in the Canary Islands. I’m no all inclusive canary virgin. In fact I’ve been around the all inclusive Canary block. A balance between all year round sun and my own fondness for basic salad and meat mean I’m unashamed to be on my fourth all inclusive Canary holiday. But this was the first time I’ve seen sprouts as part of a breakfast buffet.  For me it worked. But it was odd. Like having soup in a grandfather clock.


You notice a lot of men who are dressed by their wives when you’re on a holiday like this. I’m not saying it’s a disgrace, though I think it’s a disgrace.  You notice the matching t-shirt and shorts, perhaps even socks of some discount sporting brand and you can tell these are men dressed by their wives. I don’t say discount brands judgmentally it’s just that you don’t seem to get people who are dressed in coordinated outfits of more stylish brands than are available from the mail order discount sport catalogues. Or Sports Direct.

Perhaps this is something that happens at a certain age. If I reach a point where I care that little about what I look like that I am prepared to let someone dress me in a colour co-ordinated Asics t-shirt and shorts, signed off with white sport socks and sandals, then I’m OK with you putting a few nails through my skull.

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