Wednesday 05 June 2013

The popular fantasy TV show Game of Thrones had a quite stunning episode this week. If Den serving Ange with divorce papers on Eastenders in 198-whenever was a TV moment on a scale of one to ten it would be have to be a zero to be on the same scale as what happened in this episode of Game of Thrones – even if it was, correctly a ten. That’s a lie actually – if this week’s Game of Thrones was a ten then Den/Ange Christmas-a-divorce was probably a two.

The thing* with Den revealing to Ange that he was divorcing her (shit…SPOILER ALERT: you never know who is 20 years behind watching Eastenders) was that everyone was watching it who gave a fuck. Which was quite a lot of people to be fair. There were probably a few who recorded it on their VHS and a few who watched the omnibus episode. But in the main people watched it while it was on. And it was on Christmas day so people maybe talked about it with their family or friends. And then with other people days later. When they talked with people about how good it was, though, the people probably saw it already.

Now there are two things that stop event TV being so much of an event, in the sense of a one-off thing. (1) A lot of people don’t watch things while they are on anymore. (2) A lot of people commentate on life as they experience it via the various social media avenues one can utilise.

People are also self-centred and so complain about (2) when they decide to rely on (1). But also people are self-centred so they do (2) even though they know about (1). I would say it is possible to comment on something without having to ruin it for other people. You just say something like “I can’t believe how good Game of Plumes was; I didn’t expect Thwolig Denbellyous to hang himself for treason.” Sorry for ruining things for Game of Plumes fans who haven’t seen Episode B of Season IV.

The next step – and this is just a free multi-milion pound idea I’m throwing out there for someone to develop**- is something that links Twitter, Facebooks, articles on the internet, Sky +lus, iPlayer, Netflix etc and only allows you to see content that doesn’t ruin what you are likely to watch. Is that even THAT hard to invent? No, because I’ve invented it – someone just needs to make it.

Until someone does maybe people can just be a little more subtle about describing the events of films/books/TV shows that a lot of people might not have seen.

*I often type ‘think’ when I want to type ‘thing’. Is this a common typo or is this an early symptom of something terrible? Please let me know if it is.
**Seriously just giving it away – all I ask in return to anyone making this invention an actuality is that they sign over 67% of the ownership to me and pay me a one-off fee of £9 million.

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