Tuesday 04 June 2013

They’re here, they’re peers – they’re saying marriage is OK for Queers*

The peers of The House of Lords passed Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill today. By quite a lot of votes. Which has to be seen as good news. Unless you’re one of the ones who doesn’t want to see equality.

[I think I made my thoughts clear on this already. So, I’m not going to restate the same points.  I may say some slightly similar things in a slightly different way….]

While the matter was still being debated – and still is, to be fair, the bill has to be passed through about seven more houses, including The House of Fraser, The House That Jack Built and The House of Ill Repute – it is worth looking at those still rigorously opposing it. Who thinks that someone else shouldn’t have the rights that they do? Which is what they are saying. They think some people should have different rights to the ones afforded to them. How do people think like that and not get how prickish they are?

One of the main counter arguments to the equality being proposed (interesting choice of verb eh??!!! It was a coincidence) is that it somehow destroys the traditional meaning of marriage. Well duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Welcome. To. The. Fucking. Point.

Also when people are talking about lesbian Queens and marrying their own children (that was  Norman Tebbit if anyone missed it) then it was clear that one side was definitely fucking mental.

It’s odd liberty and democracy and how it can make you care about things. I don’t think sweet fanny jack about marriage. But I don’t like people being told they aren’t allowed to do something other people can. When I heard the news today I felt a sense of victory, that righteousness had been upheld for  something (ultimately) I don’t believe in. Odd.

*Is ‘queer’ ok now? I hope so because the rhyme works so beautifully.

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