Monday 06 August 2012

AKA Sunday 05 August 2012 Pt 2

Bike Arumba

I think we are looking at at least 20 years since I got on a bike. So, I was a little hurt that there was no media present at Decathlon in Stockport. Is anyone seriously suggesting anything involving bicycles has been more newsworthy in this country in the last week? I don’t think so…I don’t think so. And it’s not because of The Olympic Games – and I would be happy to admit it was – that I was trying some bikes out. It’s because about two years ago I decided maybe I should think about getting a bike and this is how long it takes me to do stuff.

I didn’t get one, though, just rode a couple around the shop. As long as I live I will never get used to that on a bike the right-hand controls the front brake. When I want to stop I instinctively use my right hand. If you are going any speed that’s not a good thing. Co-ordination is not my strong point.

One thing putting me off was my partner and then a sales assistant both telling me I was trying out bikes that were too small for me. I don’t like being on my tip-toes when I am sat on bike. But if you’re not on your tip toes you’re not extending your legs properly when you’re pedalling or something. And? I can make the pedals go around without extending my legs (I did) so what’s the beef? If it’s a world where you have to have a bike where I have to be on my tiptoes then I’m not sure I want a bike after all.

I’ll tell you something though: I know why they say “it’s like riding a bike” because it was.

Multitudes of Bullshit

A girl I went to college with put this on Facebook: “when all we seem to hear about is spoilt footballers,our success in the Olympics seems even greater”. Does it? No, it doesn’t. The two things are completely independent of each other. The only reason to mention ‘spoilt footballers’ is if you’re trying to make a (pointless) point. It was one of them where I felt I had to say something. I wasn’t really aggressive or anything, I just pointed out that she was the one mentioning footballers and they don’t choose to be all over the papers – that is the choice of the newspapers. She is actually a journalist so it’s a bit worrying that there isn’t this awareness. But what can you do? Fortunately she was ‘proved right’ by one of her friends saying Ryan Giggs was a disgrace for taking the fourth penalty for the British football team in the penalty shoot-out on Saturday, a point so absurd it could only be made by someone with no understanding whatsoever of anything.

Someone else told me, and someone else who had made a point of saying that it was a bit of a poor point initially, to “keep our football shirts on”. I love it when people get dismissive of someone pointing out that there may have been something wrong with something. No, don’t disagree with the ridiculous thing that was stated without provocation, you’re getting all stupid by pointing out it was wrong, let’s just all admit we were wrong and leave it. No. I wasn’t wrong.

The journalist (original status writer) said, ” I am just pleased that people may now be inspired by a wider variety of sports.” Which I happened to be making a point of and getting into another debate elsewhere. But I was making the point without having to slag off footballers. If she was JUST pleased that people were enjoying a wider variety of sports why didn’t she JUST say it? I think she was more than JUST pleased about that and was PETTY about footballers that was not relevant. AND even if it had been relevant somehow, how would it make the Olympians greater? The spoiltness and mentality of footballers doesn’t have a bearing on the issue. It’s like saying that a serial killer makes nurses seem even better.

Footballers earn a lot of money because football makes a lot of money. Football makes a lot of money because lots of people go and watch it every week, in person and on telly. They don’t just watch it as a bit of a fad and then get bored of it because there is something new for them to say is the most interesting thing ever for four weeks. So because there is a lot of money people earn a lot of money. Because there is so much to be made out of one person being very good people gamble on lots of people who are young. To get them you have to pay them lots of money, because other people will do if you don’t. Young people are generally capable of being idiots without control. It is quite hard for people to control egotistic (which is natural – everyone praises them and gives them things) people and it is easy for them to become shits (quite a lot of footballers come from a poor background where handling wealth is not ingrained in them growing up despite everything being very materialistic).

The result is immature people having wealth and exposure and they do what is on offer: generally fast cars and attractive women in the case of footballers. As they are not good with boundaries, because there has been little discipline installed in them, they sometimes drive cars too fast/through walls and treat women badly. Not all of them and not all the time. Newspapers print stories about the ones that do. People are interested in these people so they buy papers to read about what a disgrace they are. THAT is why people think all footballers are a disgrace. No-one talks about all the ones, rich and less rich, not doing the bad things.

Everyone will be bored of all the athletes in a few weeks, save for a lucky few who are attractive/have a strong personality and will become a public figure. People are only interested in someone having sideburns/an illness/having a pregnant wife for so long. Not because people are morons (for a change) but because these things are not actually interesting in the first place; people are just thinking they are because the Olympics has sent everyone fucking mental. They are also not generally interested in sport. (Also, given enough time and exposure some of the medalists will prove themselves to be dicks or be painted as such by the fucks who work in the tabloid media.)

Why it is worth it is that the small percentage of people will get in to some of these sports and go and watch them and participate. Aside from the performance of all the people who have competed; the success of those who have won and the dignity of those who have not won and had to do it in a harsh blaze of publicity, the best thing to come out of this is that some people will get into sport who wouldn’t have done if the games had been in Paris. (The next best thing is that they weren’t in Paris.)


You can’t really tell from this picture how long this toilet was at the hostel in York. Or how narrow it was. Still whoever installed the lavatory chose to ignore that someone taller than 5 ft 6 would be uncomfortable sitting on it with the toilet installed this way and it might be best to have the toilet with the seven or eight feet of space in front of it. I just hope RP Wadlow never needed a toilet if he ever stayed here.

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