Wednesday 01 February 2012

Really Love Those Tiger Feet

The letter has clearly had some input from an adult. I am not buying that 3 ½ year old can format the address on a letter, create ½ s when writing but is unable to stop pressing certain keys AND is unaware of the delete facility. Yes, I am going all or nothing on this one. She can either type or she can’t. I would also say the parents should stop indulging the child’s opinions on the correlation between bread names, bread texture and animal skin patterns and instead get working on her handwriting. And that signing off a letter of enquiry/complaint shouldn’t be signed off ‘love’. That three –and-a-half year old girl really is an idiot.

A sinister part of my brain thinks the letter was in fact written by the child’s mother or father because they thought that the bread looked like a giraffe skin but thought maybe it was a bit of an odd thing to be associated with as an adult. Pinning  the campaign on his/her daughter. If this is the case I would not suggest the poor typography is an attempt to make it look like it was typed by an infant and simply the best they could do.

She is right about the bread looking more like the skin pattern of a giraffe than of a tiger, though. To be fair to the little cow.

I am still going to call it tiger bread though, it is giving in to popular opinion like this that caused the atrocities of the holocaust.

Chris King can fuck off, though. How does he know what the original tiger bread made looked like? Maybe it did have the appearance of a tiger’s fur. He, Chris King, really should think through what he says before trying to appear big and clever to a three-and –a-half-year old. God knows what he will be rewriting in his new career as a teacher, “You’re right, Timmy, not 100% of the planet was involved in the so –called World Wars we shall change their name immediately.” 

State of Play

I know it might not be cool to say how good something broadcast 10 years ago is. I don’t care what the hipsters say is cool and is not cool though. About three or four years after buying the DVD, I got around to watching State of Play tonight. So this is why everyone was going on about it when it was broadcast. I assumed it was a nationwide joke at my expense to all say that a TV programme was brilliant so that I would watch it, a joke I would later fall for when giving Miranda a try.

I don’t normally like costume dramas but I was able to tune my ears into the old fashioned way people talked in 2003. I also didn’t have any issues with the antiquated clothes and cars. I could almost imagine the same thing in a modern setting.

The cast is amazing. I know it was 9/10 years ago but even then it was pretty formidable and in the main most of them remain mainstays of high quality British drama; only James McEvoy has failed to maintain the position of highly rated British TV actor, falling to the scrubby depths of being an international movie star. What a scrud (who I definitely don’t love).

I have only watched the first three, so there are three more to go and it could yet turn out to be rubbish. I don’t think it will though. If you didn’t watch it in 2003 and fancy watching this costume drama why don’t you buy it and watch it you cheap fuck? It is only about £3 on the internet.

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