Saturday 28 January 2012


I don’t really think of myself as an opera buff. Mainly because I don’t really know anything about opera. Not literally nothing. I know there is one called Carmen. And that Pavorotti did it. I have no idea how I came about it but today I found myself enjoying Una Furtiva  Lagrima, a song from an opera where the singing lad is buzzing because he thinks some love potion has made the woman he fancies like him back. I had to read about it to find that out, I don’t speak Italian that well. In fact I struggle past  the word ciao (happily as it means about 95% of English words you can get by on it). I was intrigued by the song being about this.

I found out that this song was from an opera called L’elisir d’amore. So I found it on You Tube and watched it. I always thought watching an opera might be really shit, but I quite liked it. Essentially this normal lad likes this fancy lass but thinks she thinks she’s above him. He is conned in to thinking he is buying an elixir that will make the woman fall in love with him. Well he’s not conned in to buying it, he wants to buy it but it’s not an elixir it’s just some wine. Because he thinks it is a love potion though it makes him a bit more confident, and she obviously likes him a bit. And who isn’t a bit more full of themselves after a wine?

I”m not doing the full plot of the thing – look it up if you want to. It’s what I had to do as I watched it – you can only guess so much. I’ll summarise it by saying there’s a big strong guy who appears and tries to marry the woman and the hero wants more of his potion to make her fall for him.

I quite liked it though, despite my reticence to give opera a go. I suppose I quite liked the main guy. Though I would just tell him to give the woman the wine if he wants her to lower her standards for long enough for him to worm his way in to her affections. PLOT SPOILER, he did alright though, doesn’t need my advice.

I did wonder if operas in a few years will be all about the internet and Twitter and the like. There is no reason why they wouldn’t be. I quite like the idea of some big puff chested Italian guy belting out something  like “why don’t you like my Facebook statuses anymore?” (in Italian). Or a woman hitting loads of high notes saying something like “I bared my soul on Twitter and now he doesn’t love me” (in Italian). Maybe not eh?

Skin Up

I didn’t dislike the latest iteration of Skins but I’d completely forgotten who they were. Fortunately it didn’t take long to remember them and the first episode of the new series was worth the wait (that I hadn’t been doing). It will be interesting where they take the characters to match the second series of the first two lots of the show because I thought they were the livin’ lick. Good start though: get a male and a female who aren’t compatible to start a relationship. It’s amazing how often it works in ANY tv series/film/book/radio drama. Think about it – Paul Robinson with Christina Alessi, Scott Robinson with Charlene Mitchell, Lou Carpenter with Analise and other examples not from Neighbours.

The androgynous has definitely stopped looking at all boyish. I liked the story of her but on a purely (pathetically) libidinous level I am bang in favour of this; not that there was any part of me attracted to her when she looked like a young boy, oh no there wasn’t.

Kill List

I watched Kill List tonight. It is fucking mental. I suggest watching it – unless you maybe don’t like occasional stark violence. The consensus of things I read about it before I saw it suggested was to not know anything about it was the best preparation for gaining maximum enjoyment. Quite unrealistic in a way that isn’t it? Especially if you’re going to the cinema or watching it on DVD. I mean this is the poster, which is essentially the same as the DVD cover, you’re getting that there’s something a bit..y’know…well it looks to me like it is going to be a bit dark. And there might be some link to something occult because of the big circley thing. That’s it: I’ll say no more. Other than that I mainly got mixed up about the whole meaning of the film.

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