Thursday 31 July 2014

We are viewing a house today. The estate agent is already there when we arrive (we aren’t late BTW). She has the keys. She tells us things about the house.

This puts her some way ahead of the next best estate agent I’ve experienced while looking for a house: a man who didn’t have the keys, was describing the debut album of Echo & The Bunnymen instead of a house and was naked.

I don’t know estate agency that well. There seems lots of them about. I don’t know if you need any kind of qualification. They all seem terrible.

We’ve not been looking at bad houses. I could understand them struggling to convince people that they might want to buy a hovel. They just let you in the house – if they have the key*- and then sit in a room on their phones, where they are probably, ironically, doing a really good job of being an estate agent in an online game.

Are all estate agents this shit?

Also is it wrong that I want to live in a house between some old people? I mean in houses, not just some old people living wild in two packs either side of the building. It just seems like it will be less fuss than these youngsters they have these days with their wild parties and their 10.30pm loud voices.

However the only places where you seem to be able to guarantee old people on either side of you are old people’s homes. Or matinee theatre shows. Boom. In your face matinee old people.

*two separate occasions – TWO.

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