Wednesday 06 August 2014

OK. So I thought I was some kind of hero for NOT getting involved in a friend’s breastfeeding comment on Facebook. Mainly for not having some big rant on her status and arguing/insulting people I don’t know – even though I thought they were ALL FUCKING WRONG.

Original post was about how breastfeeding shouldn’t be defended as being natural as a reason why people can’t say they are uncomfortable to do it. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Even ones where people’s hang-ups about the human body should be a reason a baby can’t receive food.

Yes because you’re a bit weirded out by a fucking tit being on show a tiny human being should have to wait for its food until it can be locked in a big fucking box of shame for its life-force to be replenished.

Oh so people aren’t allowed to be freaked out by something and be honest about it?

YES. Yes, that’s what I am saying if it involves a human not being allowed to nurture their child.

I’m OK with it as long as it’s discrete.

Your fucking medal is in the post.

I don’t know what people are doing breastfeeding that freaks people out so much but all I’ve ever seen is a woman with her breast available for a child to get food out of. If there is someone doing some elaborate sex show while feeding a baby – in the middle of a schoolyard, then maybe I can see some desire for more discretion. But this is not what people were moaning about.

Should you be able to feel weird about it? Yes, clearly. You control how you feel. The point is that this is your issue and women should not feel they have to behave in a certain way or cover up because you have an issue.

If that’s natural then so is <<insert any bodily function that is not actually comparable to feeding a baby with a breast – generally something like wanking/shitting/pissing but said with a sense or righteousness that suggests people actually mean that it is the same and they’re not just being outrageous>>.

Does this one really need refuting? Yes, having a shit is a natural act. However it isn’t the same as feeding a baby. For one it is unhygienic. As is wanking or pissing in a fucking coffee shop.

One person’s comment was that they didn’t care if they sounded controversial but it knocks them sick. With an open mind like that there is real integrity at work. And you can see why attitudes like that prevailed and made people have to feed babies in urinals at disused nightclubs until people stopped being small-minded fuckers.

And this has nothing to do with having a baby. It’s to do with having a fucking bit of respect for other people and not taking my inadequacies out on them.

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