Tuesday 08 July 2014

Sometimes I had a bit more of the devil in me. I recently thought of something that would be amazing to do but I wouldn’t go through with it. It would also be too much effort and messing about. So I’ll just swear loudly or something to try and make people laugh.

But you, dear reader, may have more about you. Therefore I’m going to share the idea in the hope that you will make it a reality and let me know how enjoyable it was.

Here goes then:

The clothes twin

My idea was based around building the entire same wardrobe as someone senior in my organisation. What I would do is each time I saw them try and purchase an identical – or near identical – shirt/tie/trousers/shoes.

Fortunately a lot of these kind of people rotate the same few outfits of suits/shirts/tie combos.

Eventually the aim would be that you would be able to turn up to meetings with the person wearing pretty much the same outfit. A key thing would be to have to have someone explain it to you, playing silly that you’ve not noticed – then perhaps even make jokes about how stupid you were for not noticing someone having the same clothes as you on.

Depending on how often you were in a meeting with then you’d need to judge how often to do it. You could strangle the joke before it’s really began. You’d need to ensure it was really a thing where people thought it was a coincidence for several months.

Another vital element would be to insinuate that the copying was being done by the other person. And killing them and taking other their lives. Or not. Whatever.

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