Tuesday 11 February 2014


I work with someone whose default position is to agree with someone – even when she is saying contradictory things to the agreement.

I am someone who often disagrees with someone even if I share their beliefs.

I try and avoid too many conversations with her. But she sometimes imposes herself on them. I was talking to someone about films and she said how she had seen ‘Wolf on Wall Street’ [I am not writing ‘sic’ in brackets]. She thought it should have been an hour shorter. Now I thought it should have been an hour shorter. This is where you agree isn’t it?

But this is where I said Kenneth Brannagh said that the length of the film was purposefully overblown in keeping with the characters and story being portrayed.

“I know,” she said. She definitely didn’t know that. I am not trying to be all judgemental. It didn’t occur to me that it was the case until KB said it. And I am not horrid enough to think people are incapable of their own opinions on art. But she definitely didn’t think WoWS was purposefully overblown. Her main issue seemed to be that she was tired when she went to the cinema. Scorsese perhaps might have made the film so it was on earlier when she went to see it. And people think he is such an auteur.

She was good enough to confirm that she isn’t a professional film reviewer and that she didn’t decide who wins The Oscars. Which explains why Harvey Weinstein isn’t hanging around our office giving her gifts.

Not to be

Doesn’t say much for (large areas of) Asia and Africa this map does it? It was on the BBC website and showed the different legal attitudes to homosexuality in the world. I filtered everything off other than where there is either the death penalty or imprisonment. And that’s how much of the world was still covered.

It makes Russia look positively cosmopolitan. We’re not winning as a species are we?

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 22.58.53

Amazon Review Review

People have different ways of reviewing refills for Parker pens on Amazon don’t they?

I like C’s style. Immediate one line review followed by an adding an extra one line review two weeks later. Me? I would probably have just done an edit the combined them, saying the pen writes better but doesn’t last very long. But that’s why 8 out of 8 people find it a helpful review.


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