Wednesday 12 February 2014

Take the weather with you

There was a lot of media traffic over David Cameron promising “all the money in the world” would be used to reimburse the people who’ve been flooded.

There seemed to be some back-tracking – and it was later clarified that he was only referring to monies that could be spent on the poor and the needy who didn’t have some bad luck based on choosing to live in places where floods were likely and not having insurance and thus not need aid. “The rich will not suffer nor lose money,” he seemed to say with ever statement he did utter.

Amazingly some right-wing press seemed to have use Somerset’s biggest puddles in 12 years to question aid for foreigners. These views will no doubt be echoed by at least one person on Question Time this week asking a ridiculous question – and then a pocket of equally stupid people applauding the comment.

Because, of course, the country only spends money on foreign aid; it is a direct choice, helping people not be subject to genocide or help short-term accommodation issues of a village that’s got very wet in England. The government certainly isn’t spending lots of money on other things all over the world. There are at least 12 British Embassies (I can’t be bothered finding out but it’s more than 12 and less than 45000). That’s a lot of servants and biscuits.

Also, there seems to be plenty of power and accommodation for all the representatives of rolling news companies while people are living in a (damp) canoe. They fucking love bad weather rolling news channels. Unlike The Rolling Stones, for whom it’s a real safety risk (at their age eh?).

Who would have thought something about real people suffering would be a media and political points scoring opportunity? And by extension something for self-important losers to blog about.

Lost at sea

The American government reads everyone’s email but we cannot tell if that fat man was really lost at sea for 18 months. If this was a film then they’d just do something with a satellite and get some old images and zoom in and then we’d find out if he had or not (he hasn’t has he? It’s a lie, clearly).

This shit was in Enemy of The State. That came out in 1998. That’s nearly fifteen years ago. I hardly think something in a film with Jack Black and Will Smith in it wouldn’t have been properly based in reality. Ipso facto: someone can definitely find out if this guy is spinning a yarn (he clearly is).

And is it a little bit too convenient that he looks like Zach Galifianakis? [see below – I have done that ace joke where I have labelled the two people the opposite way around to what they really are.] I can already smell the box office gold of Zach Hangover’s one man show on a two-hour comedy romp.


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