Monday 03 February 2014

Today was a pretty good example of why people don’t stay up until getting on for 5am and get in work for just after 10am and function well.

I am pretty blunt with people at times. But I am generally OK at work. OK I am generally not that bad at work most of the time. Today someone asked me why I looked a bit blank in a meeting and I replied it was because I wasn’t interested in what they were saying. Which is just rude. I did apologise.

A few time I was left in the middle of a sentence kind of looking for the next…thingy…symbols/sounds..that carry meaning.

I tried to keep it from most people as they might burst. I am SUPPOSED TO BE GETTING PLENTY OF SLEEP IN before this baby. This is all people say to me – after they ask me if there is any news. Because I would be in work if there was any news.

Grown adults suggesting that having a lot of sleep for the weeks leading up to not having some sleep makes a difference. Sleep can’t be banked. Well it can but it works on a very short term basis. You like sleep for seven hours and then you don’t need to sleep for another seventeen. Outside of that timeframe it really only works on paying back the debt. Not the other way.

People should just stop talking about sleep as though it was a child’s pocket money. I don’t need to feel like I am being somehow frivolous by not being asleep at two o’clock in the afternoon at work.

Also I am not really capable of sleeping for more than about seven hours. I am good at not doing much but I am mainly awake when I am not doing much.

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