Tuesday 04 February 2014

Borgen is now ticked as done.

I know social media would have you believe that blasting through a series on Netflix is some new phenomenon but it’s old fish to me. Old fish. Like is to most people. How do things that have been a thing that people have been doing for years become a new thing?

The short answer is marketing. Better known as marketing bullshit to some people. Some marketing bullshitters are quite good if we’re being fair. The example of Netflix is not too shabby, it is perpetrating the myth that people hammer a series because of Netflix. Despite the fact that people use the phrase boxset, because of the boxsets of series that predate Netflix.

And even before that people were lending videos with series on. Kudos to the marketing bullshitters of Netflix.

Mention of Netflix is irrelevant: I watched Borgen on recordings from BBC4.

I’d never have thought a TV show about Danish politics would be one of the best programmes I’d see. Borgen was mainly amazing, though. It had the lack of murder and bent coppers that most British dramas don’t have. British dramas don’t have the lack of murder and corrupt policemen. They have corrupt coppers and murder.

But if you have a spare 30 hours I really do recommend you watch Borgen. I give a 5-star Guaranphiltee.

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