Friday 17 January 2014

I treated myself to something I have been wanting to treat myself to tonight.

I paid (PAID) to watch the One Direction film, One Direction: This Is Us¹ tonight.

They’re bloody good lads the 1D lads. I thoroughly expect that previous sentence to be read as though my tongue was firmly in my cheek. But it wasn’t. I fully like 4/5ths of 1D.

I don’t like Louis. There: it’s out of the bag, I’ve said it. He looks like when they make a young woman pretend to be a young man as part of an American teen film or some kind of hidden camera show. And his voice is weird.

The rest of em are OK by me. Harry is definitely the best one. Zayne is deffo second best, he’s so moody and mysterious. The other two would tie for third but Seamus (Niall) has the rubbish blonde irish hair some Irish boy band members have – one of Westlife has it too – so he ranks fourth. Making Liam Payne my #3 in 1D.

Just so we are clear my 1D ranking:

  1. Harry
  2. Zayne
  3. Liam
  4. Irish
  5. Attractive American teenage actres dressed as a boy.

At least that is cleared up.

The documentary is enjoyable. Made me realise how many 1D songs I really do like (four or five) and that they are, in the main, likeable and well adjusted young chaps.

Two bits stuck out for me. The first bit was when they talked matter-of-factly about how they have done/are doing the best thing in their life and how they will spend of their life knowing that. That’s a pretty big thing to get your head around. Not that it is so bad when you are still in that moment. Still, there are a lot of people in that moment who wouldn’t think of it ending and just suck a bag of coke in their eye rather than contemplate it. One of them even said he daydreams about a normal life in a few years. So how to get someone to be grateful for a normal life: make them a part of one of the biggest pop music phenomenons of modern times.

I would hear Catherine Johnson discussing a similar issue later. She’s the woman that wrote Mamma Mia! (you may already have chosen to dislike her if this paragraph is the first time you have become aware of her). She was talking about the revival of the musical she wrote the year she wrote Mamma Mia! – she did write another musical that year, that wasn’t just an oddly elaborate way of referring to Mamma Mia! – on Radio 4.

The presenter of the show asked her how it felt knowing that her greatest success/piece of work was behind her. Unlike the 1D boys she suggested she couldn’t continue with a notion that the best was behind her. Which makes her a liar because she wrote on series nine of Byker Grove.

You can take the opinion that because she is a writer then she must think like that to go on as a creative being. And that they are singers and therefore not AS creative. Or you could think she is older and has more perspective on the whole thing. Or you could accept that some people are just different and not everyone conforms to a basic type (good luck with that one).

Oh and the second thing was all of the 1D boys chatting and saying how if one of them leaves they couldn’t carry on. They all definitely believed this sentiment. Just saying it’s not normally how it works out.

And it’s easy for three of them to say that, it’s more of a question for Harry or Zayne to consider as they’re the two who could leave of their own will.


¹I need to be clear on the version I watched. I watched it on Sky Movies On Demand. I think this is probably the theatrical release – rather than The Ultimate Fan Edition.

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