Thursday 28 November 2013

Scenario Alpha

Today I wrote a test for some interviews I am running tomorrow and called it Scenario Alpha. Is there that much difference from someone who thinks calling it this is a funny piss take of people who think calling it Scenario Alpha would sound good and thinking scenario Alpha is a good name for something?

It reminds me of that saying about when you argue with an idiot all people see looking is two idiots fighting.

Film 2013

I have just finished Mark Kermode’s Hatchet Job which is about film reviewing. Part of it covers about amateur reviewing on Amazon, and other such sites, and how this has an effect on people – to the extent where people might rely on these amateur reviews are what some people rely on.

I was looking for Iron Man 3 and you can see why amateur reviews are challenging the hegemony of the reviews of experienced, schools film critics.

Look at the first one. Tells me everything I need to know about IM3 by describing what someone does for entertainment in their caravan. Certainly sounds brilliant, if this review is anything to go by. And I think we all know it definitely is. I wish I could order one of their film nights.

At least Darren is nearer a review of the film, telling us that his wife likes it. In fact she is going to ‘go mad when she gets this’. I can’t help but wonder what the delay is, though. He has received it (no problem thanks to you seller) but still hasn’t given it to his wife. Why make her wait if her sanity is involved in the receipt of a film she has already seen? Surely if she likes it that much then she would just buy it herself. I am beginning to think Darren’s wife is just one of those people who says she thinks a film is brilliant but doesn’t really care that much one way or the other.

Paul O’Callaghan (my caps) has the balls to actually tell us what he thinks of the film. Or actually he tells us everything he thinks for about 14 seconds. He seems to just have a (very short) stream of consciousness. He seems confident on what he thinks originally – it is better than IM2 but not as good as IM, which he still thinks is good. But the more he thinks about it the more he thinks how well made it was. Fuck it- he’s going to watch it again. I think if he’d carried on typing, it would have been the best film ever within six more sentences.

I think the professional critics aren’t in too much danger.

Capture Capture2 Capture3

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