Tuesday 19 November 2013

The notion of a selfie seems to have becomes news all of a sudden today. Almost as if someone had done the first one yesterday. There were people on news programmes talking about them all over the shop as though (a) it was news, or (b) it was interesting. I don’t think anything is without analysis, be it an academic analysis or informally. I just don’t see how people taking pictures of themselves, which has been prevalent for at least two or three years, warrants coverage as news.

It’s not rocket science is it? Cameras, particularly the ubiquitous camera phones are commonly self-facing now. And there are lots of social media sites for the sole purpose of displaying photos. Also people are vain. Do we need ‘experts’ to discuss the selfie on morning news shows?

You’d think people weren’t vain before the selfie. People were always trying to take their own picture in the past. They just weren’t very good at it – often taking pictures of the top of their head or their shoulder.

And what is so horrible about taking the picture yourself anyway? Are pictures which someone asks someone else to take of them somehow less vain? — Yeah, I know it seems like I’ve just dismissed the notion of selfies being worth discussion and then written 200 words about them. Unless this is BBC News or Channel 4 News then I’m OK with not being a hypocrite on this. And I am pretty sure this blog isn’t BBC News – though it could be Channel 4 News as Krishnan Guru-Murthy often writes it for me. In fact he is writing this now.

You would never catch me doing a selfie. Too ashamed of my own beauty.

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