Monday 18 November 2013

When I saw the below image on Twitter a few thought occurred to me.

The first one was that it was a fucking brilliant picture. That’s just an instinctive reaction to the picture itself. It’s amazing though isn’t it? LOOK HOW HIGH UP HE IS! He’s on the third tier of shelves and there is another tier above him and each tier is taller than him. And there are at least three sets of these four-tier shelves.

The second thought was about the tall shelves. Between the three of them there are several sets of shelves, just one tier high. This second thought was to wonder in what order this all happened, I guess it was the kind of thought I have all the time and serves little purpose but my own intrigue. Were the one tier high shelves all done first and then they started making some of them taller? (Deciding to make some four tiers high rather than make each a tier higher at a time.) Or did they make them all four tiers high and then add in the single tiers as they’d run out of space? If they’d done this did they imagine that the number of books they’d need to store had reached a limit?

My third thought was also intrigue-based. But perhaps less pedantic than the second thought. I wondered for what book he was looking. I hope it was forΒ The Da Vinci Code.

My fourth and final thought (not ever, just at the moment I looked at the picture) was that you could fit all the information in every book on that picture in very small data storage device the size of a postage stamp. That made me think it was a bit tragic Β that the scope of human endeavours can be reduced to something less grandiose than we see in this picture – and also that it is quite amazing that human endeavours have made that possible.

I did have some other, secondary, thoughts about libraries and my own experiences in them but they will keep.


  • Shower: shower now installed, still inactive while sealant dries.
  • Australian Masterchef: Still fucking going. Down to the last six apparently – though that doesn’t mean to say they won’t let some people back in again.
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