Thursday 07 November 2013

I think I mentioned something a while back about a consultancy type session I had with a management expert. Gone are the days when I would hyperlink to the entry eh? And one of the issues covered was me supposedly thinking I was better than people. This came about because she asked me if I thought I was better than people, and I said, “Yes.”

I am not better than people, she told me. (I am.) She told me that I was just different. (I am.) And concluded that no-one is better than anyone. (They are – I am anyway.) So, rather than be all snobby about the group of people I was stood near at a Jake Bugg concert tonight I will just say some facts about the people. You can make your own judgements and if you think they aren’t nice people then maybe YOU are a snob.

The group was about six or eight people. I shall concentrate on just two of them.

The Male

The lad is tall and thin. His height suggests he should be wearing large size t-shirts. He is wearing a white cotton t-shirt that is at least an XXL. He spends most of the gig talking to people facing away from the stage. Occasionally, perhaps for the chorus of two or three of the more well known songs, he turns round raising his fist and jumps up and down, grabbing his girlfriend and looking around imploring people who aren’t as enthusiastic as him to get into it. Then he gets bored again and starts talking about something to one of his group.

During Another one of the big songs he insists someone take pictures of him with a sub-group. This seems to be done to capture the moment, with the stage in the background. They will be able to look back at this and remember this what at Jake Bugg, “what a brilliant night – best gig of my life,” they might say, lying that they paid attention. Only the picture is taking using a flash meaning that the picture of the group really could be in any dark room. The fact that a picture doesn’t capture sound seems to have escaped them.

The Female

Another member of the group is female. Her BMI would classify her in the area of ‘very fat’. Her left arm was covered with what I believe is known as a sleeve of tattoos. This same left arm was either aggressively fist pumping (high tempo songs), smoking (mid-tempo songs), or holding a camera aloft filming (all low tempo songs, some high tempo songs and some mid-tempo songs).

Unless you’ve got anything other than a neutral image of two human being you are a judgemental monster. All I did was describe two human beings using only facts – and adjectives that weren’t pejorative. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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