Wednesday 06 November 2013

After a few seconds of thinking that I was just looking at a handsome Spanish looking man, I realised that I WAS looking at a handsome Spanish looking man. More important than a normal person, though, this was a professional sportsman. Admittedly it was a Manchester City player, but even so it was a someone who could put claim to being famous (more so in Stockport).

I did what any normal 35-year-old would do in this situation: in the children’s section of Boots I followed him around and then took a picture of him with my phone. He seemed to be with his wife, child and a further female adult – who I guessed was either his sister, her sister, or someone they do threesomes (and shopping) with.

I did doubt that it might be him for a short period, texting the picture to a couple of my close friends who are City supporters. I mean what kind of man celebrates scoring a Champions League hat-trick by going to The Trafford Centre and minding the buggy while his wife tries to find something for a four-year-old (I didn’t work out what it was but she kept saying “for a four-year-old” in a Spanish accent and I worked it out from that).

He mainly just seemed to be doing stuff on his phone. Wow, rich sports people are just the same as us at the centre of it all aren’t they? Maybe he was texting his mates about me, “I think I’ve seen that guy from the blog we all read (in a way that doesn’t allow the reading of it to be registered by the metrics of WordPress and thus it looks to him like no-one really reads it) and I’m going to try and get his picture. I wonder what a guy like that is doing in The Trafford Centre, maybe he is more like one of us than we think.” Yes he almost certainly was texting that to Yaya Toure.*

So….here is my amazing picture of Manchester City striker Alvaro Negredo.

IMG_0001*Lads, if you are reading, I really appreciate the support but I hope you accept that I have to hate you a little bit (unless you sign for United – that’s more aimed at Yaya than the rest of you).

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