Wednesday 31 July 2013

There’s little doubt that the people who momentarily swapped Conservative allegiances for UKIP will have nodded with some content when they saw the press coverage of the government’s most recent attempt to show people that they are unambiguously the party of the right. Nigel Farage has brilliantly said this isn’t the British way of doing things. And you have to agree with the man courting the xenophobics’ vote: it doesn’t seem very British, well unless you mean British in its 1973 definition.

While I was suitably unimpressed with the  venture – as were most people I know – the Twitter and, more so, the Facebook unfortunately allow me to glimpse into the ideologies of those people who think they aren’t racist because the things they say are the things their dad used to say. And while I am not suggesting their dad/aunty/sexually-abusive-teacher was an evil person, I am saying they were a racist.

I glimpsed a Facebook status (since deleted – proud?) that had the sentiments of ‘getting rid of them as they take all our jobs’. Quite.

It would take someone quite ignorant/ridiculously liberal to suggest that immigration is nothing; something as inconsequential as beanbags. It’s a thing, there has to be rules and controls and making sure it all works properly.

But when people are irrationally and fervently opposed to immigration on no grounds other than being opposed to it then they’re just a racist aren’t they? Taking our jobs? Half the people who are sickened by people coming to our country and stealing ‘their’ jobs don’t have jobs to steal, at least not ones they are declaring.

Being opposed to immigration on some generic level is just part of the general distaste and distrust a lot of people (from where I’m from) have. I feel like asking these people if they really feel like their life is any better or worse because of any immigration in the history of the world. Because I would be able to answer them: IT’S NOT, I ASSURE YOU: YOUR LIFE WILL NOT GET ANY BETTER IF THEY ‘SEND EVERYONE BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM’. Your life, I would continue, you miserable hate-filled existence, I would add to emphasise my distaste for their opinions, would be just as shit as it is now. And you would just have to find someone less different to blame for everything.

I wouldn’t mind but the thing suffocating the white working-class people is generally rich white men – and they receive very little venom, other than meaningless “oh you can’t trust an MP etc” shit.

And another thing: half of them go on about being Irish anyway so, you know, like hypocrisy.

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