Friday 05 July 2013

When a terrible human being says something on television there is a pretty good chance that the person themselves is saying it in an attempt to be outrageous: some people are outrageous for a living. If the person is not self-aware (more often than you would like if you’re trying to have faith in the human race) then the people making the television show they are being outrageous on is exploiting them.

In both cases the correct response is to ignore the person. Especially if you are just outraged and aren’t even getting some enjoyment on a humorous level. What everyone in the fucking country shouldn’t be doing is putting a link to a YouTube video on Facebook and Twitter followed by a statement about what a cunt the person is. Who are you telling? We all know she’s a cunt. She’s an adult human being saying that you can judge children by their names. She’s an adult human saying that if a child is named after a location than the child is a cretin – when she has a (perfect and lovely – natch) child whose name is a place.

Everyone talking about her is EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTS. By being a twat on daytime TV she will now get MORE media work and probably end up in the next series of Celebrity Big Brother– where she will get to meet. Being a mildly infamous antagonistic arsehole is quite lucrative. Being mildly reviled by those savvy with social media can earn people several articles in The Daily Mail, more TV work and the aforementioned stint on a reality show where the person gets they sympathy of those who hated because she cries about a dead cat or something.


You know why it is hard to catch up with these things when I fall behind? Because I get distracted by everything. I just typed the previous three paragraphs – this entry was a cunning way of being distracted from another blog –  but I couldn’t maintain being constructively distracted. I’ve spent the last 20 minutes trying to find out (1) If Jay from Geordie Shore was coming back to the show permanently and (2) If Jay from Geordie Shore was still in a relationship with the girl he left Geordie Shore to be with. Yeah.

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