Thursday 04 July 2013

It’s done and dusted. I have now watched all the episodes of Breaking Bad that are available – save for the eight yet to be broadcast. And I really dislike Mr White. If you haven’t seen the show this is the premise: a chemistry teacher finds out he has inoperable lung cancer and sets about cooking methamphetamine to make some money so his pregnant wife won’t be wanting for money if he dies.

Only I’ve never found myself rooting for him like I have serial philanderer Don Draper or murdering gangster Tony Soprano in Mad Men/The Sopranos. And we can’t put it down to the brilliance or charisma of Hamm and Gandolfini because I really like Bryan Cranston, he’s amazing in BB – just amazing at portraying someone I dislike.

I don’t really think I’ve missed the boat on this one, I don’t think you are meant to like him. Although a lot of people do, so perhaps I have missed the boat on this one. I don’t know where this boat has come from or what it has to do with anything. It’s just odd to me – I am used to REALLY liking the horrible characters in dark shows. Like really liking them and not even thinking they are that bad (Emma Byrne still can’t believe how much I love Pete Campbell from MM).

Whatever you’re supposed to think, I dislike him. That’s not I don’t like him – I dislike him. People use the two phrases interchangeably. They don’t really mean the same thing, though. And I think the distinction is important. I say that I don’t like this person or that person and I get asked what they’ve done wrong or what’s the reason. And there isn’t one; I just don’t like people as a default – which some people do.

I don’t like almost everyone. And by this I mean there is an absence of liking – but no real negativity. I dislike a lot of people, true enough, but that number is a lot lower than the other number (and higher than the number for an average person). Anyway I both don’t like Walter White and dislike him. So all this exposition was nothing but an excuse to talk about myself – thinly veiled as an opinion on one of the best TV shows of recent times.

Let’s not finish on a downer, mind: I love Jesse, Mike and – because sometimes I am as predictable as a range of a Clarks ‘Back to School’ footwear range – Saul. And Walter isn’t even my least favourite character as I hate Skylar more. Fucking great show.


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