Sunday 28 April 2013

On the bus into town someone stopped the bus – it was at a designated bus stop, it wasn’t a shock on the same scale as 9/11. It wasn’t even a shock if we’re being frank. What was impressive – so we’ve moved on from the admission that it wasn’t a shock that a bus stopped at a bus stop – was that the person didn’t want to get off at the stop. They had clearly erred in signalling their intention to alight when they didn’t want to alight, this much was very clear.

Now this is the bit where I might accept some degree of shock did take place. Because the driver and the passenger briefly conversed and then the bus closed its doors and set off to the next stop. And the passenger alighted at the next stop. Yep. Rather than get off the bus when they didn’t want to – but had been the reason the bus stopped – the person just checked with the driver and remained on the bus until the bus got to where the person actually wanted to get off.

I had to assume the passenger was an American, it was the only answer.

It wasn’t the end of my bus-based-amazement. On the bus home there were two unattended buggies on the bus’s lower level. Sure, every now and then you might get a parent who takes their child out of the buggy. But they sit nearby, they always sit nearby. And with good reason – you don’t want to leave your buggy unattended. The buggy generally has stuff on it – things stored on the shelf etc. For one person to leave a buggy and take the child upstairs is one thing…but two? Just fuck right off.

On a more serious note, one of the buggies had been left in a position that was somewhat obstructive to the aisle of the bus. If the person who left that buggy is reading this I hope they are proud of the extremely minor inconvenience their buggy caused upwards of three people..

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