Monday 08 April 2013

I missed what we won today. There seemed to be a celebratory air around the news that the former prime minister Margaret Thatcher had died. I don’t know what people were celebrating though. Her death didn’t remove her from history; it didn’t undo her actions. She just died.

And I don’t get why commenters feel that there is no middle ground between rejoicing her death and displaying some kind of false respect to her. I do not think not having a party equates to any kind of positive – or even respectful – act. I’d rather everyone have ignored it to be honest.

I think it is fair to say that I’m a bit young to know what the full force of Thatcher felt like. My school milk wasn’t even snacthed. The thing is a lot of the people shouting hurrahs don’t know either. But are very probably some of the same people who thought Americans cheering the death of Osama BL were a bit sick. There’s no denying she was a cunt mind.

You ever wonder why some people get all the power to fuck things up? They are probably doing something when everyone is singing and dancing about someone dying. I can kind of see how someone’s assassination could be celebrated, removing an evil-doer from their position of power has a cause and effect logic. But this was just whooping at someone’s life expiring.  As a weapon of political and social destruction she had long since expired, this was just the life leaving an old woman with mental health issues.

I seemed to find myself defending a lack of joy at someone’s death. I fucking despised the woman. EVERYTHING** about her reign was the antithesis of what I believe in, I was raised to hate her* – and I did with little resistance, because she was a cunt. But let’s not kid on that she was some sorcerer, manipulating people against their will. She was elected leader of the country three times! THREE! She didn’t invent right wing politics or single-handedly destroy nationalised industries and social welfare. She was the leader of a government that was democratically elected. And politics she used are still being used today to fuck us all over again. I’ll dance in the streets when those politics are dead and not before. Well, I might actually dance in the streets about other things, I retract my street dancing statement.

Seeing David Cameron say she was the greatest non-war-time leader we’ve had, saying how she empowered the working classes by selling them their council houses..yeah, I could see how watching his death their and then would have brought me some satisfaction. Because that definitely did empower the working classes, in a single generation a massive chunk of affordable houses was removed from public ownership and thus was no longer the refuge of those requiring housing support.

See I am quite happy with the idea of showing her life no respect; I am quite happy with listing everything she ruined about this country as the front cover of papers tomorrow. I dislike that the front covers won’t be anything other than tributes to the woman who was the figurehead of ripping the soul out of countless communities in the 80s. I just don’t think that everyone putting Ding Dong The Witch is Dead videos on Facebook represents any class.

*I’m slightly romanticising my parents politics here: we got The Mirror, they were both in their union and I am pretty sure they voted Labour but I don’t really remember impassioned rants against the iron lady. I wish I did, and I don’t mind admitting it – but my politics are my own. That said, I did watch Boys from The Blackstuff with my old man when I was tiny. I think Spitting Image was more of an indicator that Thatcher was a cunt than Mr and Mrs B’house.
**Pretty sure that is hyperbole but it sounds better if you say stuff like that. Pretty sure she did at least one thing that I would agree with but I’d rather not admit it.

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