Wednesday 06 February 2013

Hanging Isn’t Good Enough

Hypothetical scenario: You start a new job at a new place of work. There are two coat stands in the space you work in. One is nearer you than the other. The one further away has a coat hanger on it. There is just one coat hanger. Coat hangers are not common about the building. It would be fair to say that this coat hanger stands out.

Would you just hang your coat up like everyone else on the nearest coat stand? Or would you assume that this coat hanger was yours to use?  Or, if you quite liked the look of the coat  hanger would you ask people if it was free to use? Like someon who didn’t think they were something fucking special? “Oh I didn’t think to ask – I am used to people laying a special coat hanger out for me because I’m kind of a big deal.”

Another alternative might be to watch and see if anyone used it. And when no-one did then use it. But someone probably would use it because the coat hanger was probably what someone used, brought in to hang their coat on. Because they didn’t think the world owed them a clothes-storage based favour.


Gay Old Timie

When I read that the MPs had voted in favour of legalising same sex marriages last night there was definitely a feeling of “about fucking time”.

That we have to have democratically elected representatives vote for the rights for some human beings to be able to do what some other human beings can do seems to be a bit unfair. Not unfair that it should not happen. Unfair that it has to happen. Everything that it is legal for any one person to do should be legal for all people, no?

I can understand people not being comfortable with things that are different. It is human nature to be confused/unsettled/scared by something different. But these are just differences from ‘the norm’, the conventions of society. It is the paradigm of marriage/family that has to change – instead of not allowing people to do things that don’t fit in with what it was 100 years ago.

Moreover, what is it about people that are so threatened by homosexuals getting married? Do they really believe in an institution so little that someone else doing it affects the power of the institution? Yet the same people don’t give a fuck about all the people getting married who clearly treat it as something to do to show off to people. The people who get married after knowing each other four minutes are fine because they are of opposite genders.

It is about time that two men/two women can now rush into something they will later regret. It is about time that two men/two women can spend a lifetime unhappy because they committed to something they believed in when they were young. It is about time…you get the point: man who has no real belief in marriage thinks everyone should be able to get married.

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