Monday 29 October 2012

It says something about how poor Talksport is that Radio 5 Live is generally accepted as a superior radio station. Don’t get me wrong – when it is doing live sport 5 Live is an excellent media provider. When it is doing current affairs it is pretty bad. Particularly when Nicky Campbell is involved. Nicky Campbell hosting a radio show giving a voice to the general public is not a recipe for not twats talking shit.

Sample bit of Campbell interrogative journalism: woman suggests that she doesn’t want to broach some subjects when it comes to discussing the issues surrounding Jimmy Savilve – she didn’t think it was appropriate to describe the issues let alone talk about the specifics in reference to Savile as even mentioning them would do more harm than good, Campbell, “Which aspects…Which aspects….well can you say…could you <sucks breath in> teeter towards the subjects you don’t want to address?”  Brilliant. If you don’t want to raise some issues can you just raise them so we know what the things are that you won’t raise? To be fair to the cunt she immediately raised the necrophilia rumours.

There seemed to be a studio guest suggesting that it was better for people to keep schtum about past sex crimes committed against them than to redefine themselves as lifelong victims by coming forward years after the event. It seemed to me that it was actually him redefining these people as lifelong victims by giving evidence to the police. And whether or not there was a redefinition or not: isn’t it the right of the person who has been wronged to decide that?

This guy, Brendan O’Neill, quoted PD James’ claim that she knew people who had been victim to something like this and just laughed about it, called him a dirty, old man then went to university and got married. He went on to say we are a society obsessed with abuse and being permanently damaged. See what I have read into these last few weeks and the allegations is that there is a society where rich/famous/powerful men have been getting away with whatever they want in the molestation of younger men and women – and think it’s definitely not a bad thing that people come forward about it at any stage.

He then went on to suggest Kidscape and the NSPCC are organisations that are basically trying to convince the public that there is a bigger problem than there actually is in the country. He basically said that the publicity the NSPCC sends out is little more than a money making hysteria-propaganda machine. I would like to condemn all the victims of physical or sexual abuse that have received the support of services funded by the NSPCC for contributing to the myth there are bad things happening to defenceless minors – shame on you.

Then a man came on and said he was abused in care and later reported it to the police. The police replied that the home wasn’t there anymore so there was nothing they could do about it. So, he argued, no-one coming forward had anything to gain from coming forward with allegations against Savile et al. What happened to him was clearly terrible and it is horrific that it can happen to anyone but why is he phoning national radio saying other victims shouldn’t come forward and speak? He didn’t mind talking about the effects on him and how he was unloved as a child – it actually got quite dark/distressing for a few seconds. It is almost like he was getting some catharsis from this – amazing that he couldn’t understand others coming forward. Fortunately Campbell cut him off mid-sentence when he was talking about feeling unloved and neglected.

I only heard another couple of minutes after  the show after that. There was a man on there complaining that the media were not spending more time looking into why people grow up into being paedophiles – and people being bad people in general. And when he talked about the media he was talking about newspapers and news media – an unnecessarily vague label encouraged by Campbell and his show. I am sure there is a role of some sectors of the media to analyse and look into the causes of evil – but it is not the sole purpose, nor driving force, of the media – especially in this context where ‘the media’ just means the popular press and news television. Their job is to report the news.

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