Friday 21 September 2012

More left over scraps from holiday blogs*

On the flight over we were sat behind a family, quite a large family. The family included a young couple with a baby. The baby was well behaved and didn’t bother anyone.

When we got off the plane the family were on our coach to the hotel as well. Again they were fine, well the baby was: the adults were annoying, but only because I am grouchy bastard and they were normal/bit loud scouse. They were the family that contained the one with the long fingernails that made me feel ill.

A couple got off the coach when we got to there hotel. As the coach pulled away one of the goals said to the parents of the baby, “They were the ones sat next to yous. When we got on I saw her go to him ‘oh they’ve got a fucking baby’ when you were getting ready to sit down.” The mum of the baby wasn’t happy about this. The girl who had told her suggested that it would have been brilliant if the baby (she actually used the baby’s name) had cried for the entire flight as ‘that would have shown her’.

Shown her what? That she was right not to be overjoyed to be sat next to a baby. Let’s not mistake this for me suggesting people shouldn’t travel with babies. For I am not. What I am saying is if you were given the choice of sitting next to a baby on a four-hour flight or not, you would probably choose not to sit next to a baby. Especially if you were the parent. And if you are saying you would or it you would say it made no difference to you then you are a bit tapped. If you are given the choice to sit as far away as possible from something that has a good chance of emitting a long screaming sound intermittently/persistently (or generally causing some fuss near you) then if you don’t take it you are weird. You are odd. If you don’t think it’s a bit unfair that someone who has paid the same as you for the flight as you have gets to sit nowhere near the potentially screaming baby then you’re a dick.

This is NOT THE SAME as thinking that people shouldn’t be allowed on planes with a baby. This is NOT THE SAME as thinking there is anything the baby has done to find itself in the situation. This is NOT THE SAME as suggesting parents are in any way trying to annoy anyone else by flying on a passenger flight with other people.

It’s just common sense that life would be slightly easier with the option that has less chance of disturbing you. I couldn’t really give a fuck if someone has a baby next to me: I have an iPod and I listen to it at high levels. Moreover it means that I am not sat next to a big fat drunken man.

The most annoying thing about what the girl said was that these were exactly the kind of people who be really annoyed at people for having a baby near them on a plane if they didn’t have one. The hypothetical hypocrite bastards.

Oh and another thing: there was a lot of fresh looking Team GB t-shirts and polo shirts knocking about. Call me a cynic if you want but I think this was people snapping them up out of the bargain bins the week before their holidays rather than have been wearing them all summer. Glory hunting bastards.

*The problem is twofold, as I knew I would struggle to remember what happened while I was away I made some brief notes in the evenings so I could write the blogs when I got back – and for the couple of days I have got back I have slept and done little else, save for writing a few blogs. And I’m not making notes of these days and then writing them up a week later and can remember nothing. Catch 26.

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