Friday 27 July 2012

There’s many questions to answer with this poster: the first one is – are we to take it that God is the official supreme being of the Olympics? Surely this needs to be established. And answering such a silly question definitely wouldn’t cause any problems or start any wars. It’s a slightly puzzling message to the go with the image of someone winning a race…

God threw Jesus to the masses (who promptly nailed him to a bloody cross of all things)…what’s this got to do with someone winning a race? And is this suggesting that God is only working in the heart of the winner? And what – exactly – does “WHO’S 4 U?” mean? Well I’d love to answer any of these questions but I’m not a believer so I don’t have the answer ready-made. Also I went to the webpage that served the poster,, and on the page where it says “To find out how there really can be more to life through faith in Jesus, click here.” I clicked but it just takes you to the page you are already on, if you can call that taking you somewhere (up the bloody garden path if you ask me!)

The only further text on the page was this:

The good news is that God is for us and wants us to know a satisfying purpose for our lives now and beyond this life – forever. That’s why God gave Jesus his Son to our world. Jesus was given to die for us and God raised him from death to life for us. That’s how God shows he is for us and wants us to trust him now and for eternity.

Basically ramming home the whole God gave Jesus to death for everyone. Which is supposed to be evidence that he if for us (4 US!!! Ha! They were talking about God…aaaaaahh). To me this is all very confusing, if I wanted to convince some people I was for them I wouldn’t let some of them nail my lad to a large wooden cross as part of cajoling them into believing me. It’s very easy to convince people’s parenting though isn’t it? I am neither a deity nor a parent so I really shouldn’t criticise.

The poster was brought to us by the go(o??!!?)d people at Message on The Move*. It’s refreshing to see that almost as soon as there was the concept of public transport system an organisation had been formed the walls were used to display passages from The Bible, because: Amongst the advertising messages for the age there is space for the eternal truth of the message of the Word of God. And, by the way, I am not saying there isn’t. But it might just be more interesting if the website talked about something more than just the existence of its own self. Like something about how good God is, rather than why you are so brilliant for thinking to but putting phrases from the Bible on buses/trains/trams etc.

I did dig deeper and find some more info – about the budget for the campaign, including they’d decided to spend more – £39,000 – because of the olympic torch relay. You know, where people go and stand in the street waving at someone running past them in the street. That was the the spark behind them breaking new boundaries in their advertising budget. BUT..there is a but…this document tells us that the Message on The Move people will be providing half of the £39,000 and the other half will be..well let them tell you:

We are trusting God for 50% of the cost to be provided by supporters – individuals and churches

They are trusting God that people will pay the other 50% of the budget. What’s God supposed to do here? These people trusting him, he’s not asked for this..why are people trusting him to sort this out? No wonder there are horrible things happening, when he is meant to be stopping a flood he is convincing some people to give £1000 to a company putting posters out – posters with quotes on them from a semi-unofficial biography of his (and his son’s) life. No wonder so many people question the values of the church. I suppose it’s a double-edged sword for his holiness, God, he doesn’t really want to offend these people who clearly love him so much but at the same time you could say he looks a bit vain forcing people to pay for posters about how great he is. Poor bastard.

*For some reason they changed from the original, catchier: The Tramcar and Omnibus Scripture Text Mission.

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