Saturday 28 July 2012

I’d not intended to watch the opening ceremony last night. Not out of malice, out of going out for an imbibing session reasons. And that I was recording it and will probably watch it when my partner gets back from her weekend away watching mediocre and/or past it indie bands play music in Cumbria.

Anyway, I did end up watching quite a bit of it as I ended up in a pub showing it, The Spread Eagle in Chorlton if you are trying to picture me. Watching would be the operative word as the sound wasn’t on that high. And in the main bit of the pub they had karaoke on – we were in the tap room. And I’d had a few pints*. Never the less, it was relatively easy to gather that it was rather a spectacular affair.

Waking up this morning and looking at the world (Twitter) it was clear that the general impression of most people was that it had been a brilliant opening ceremony. Not everyone had agreed. A Tory MP called the it ‘leftie multi-cultural crap’ and has caused quite the storm (on Twitter). If you take the ‘leftie’ bit with a pinch of salt – he is a Tory MP after all and accept that anyone call judge anything to be crap if they see it that way you are left with ‘multi-cultural’. I know I am going to be on a different page politically from a member of the Conservative Party but…an MP seeing multiculturalism as something to view with disdain? He gets to vote on stuff in the House of Commons. It says not much for the party of which he is member not those who voted him their Member of Parliament in Cannock Chase. Prick.

It is almost as mind-boggling that celebrating the NHS would be scorned. But both that twat and the twats at The Daily Mail took Danny Boyle portioning a fraction of the opening ceremony to celebrating the NHS as some kind of celebration of evil. THE NHS. The right to free healthcare for all. One of the greatest things we, as a nation, has done. He celebrated the creation of that. What a cunt eh?

The Mail has since deleted the story but it was captured here, here (cont), here (cont), and here (cont) or here in full (grazie to whose thoughts are better than mine) Not only are they ignoring the MILLIONS of people who didn’t die because of the NHS they are using the death of one person as an emotive device to try and suggest the NHS was a not only a failure but a force for evil. This is the kind of flimsy rhetoric portrayed by photocopied pamphlets of right-wing fucknuts, only it was on the website of one of the most read newspaper/wesbites Britain has.

Continuing not sounding like a BNP leaflet, it says “And nobobdy seems to consider the sheer hypocrisy that the majority of athletes taking part in the Games will have access to the most expensive cutting-edge private treatment available in the world for even the slightest graze on their bodies.”  Yeah. You don’t know what hypocrisy is do you? You see the ceremony was about great things Britain has achieved, in this case the NHS. It was written by someone trying to highlight great things British people have given/have. It would be hypocritical if it were a ceremony written by some BUPA doctors or something. And even then not really hypocritical because they would most likely be aware of how brilliant the NHS is but they just accept their avarice and do it for the money because they like cars. It would probably only be actual hypocrisy if the current Government had written the opening ceremony. But they were too busy writing legislations to rip the NHS apart.

Boom. This machine kills fascists.

Sadly, the disdain didn’t end there. Not only did The DM deem the NHS “fucking bastards” (paraphrasing) they also agreed with the Tory MP that multiculturalism was outrageous. Yes, because that in no way represents Britain. They were outraged that “every shot included someone of an ethnic minority”.Well, that’s not even thinly veiled racism if you ask me. Apparently it was “so staged it was painful to watch”. If there’s a feature of a ceremony that is meant to have, it is that it is staged. That’s the point of a ceremony. Well not the point. But it’s like seeing a table as a negative feature of someone hosting a dinner party. Or something. That’s not as strong a finish to the paragraph as the one about the government being too busy writing legislations tearing..etc

Unfortunately the kind of politically driven multiculturalism we saw last night is the kind of social engineering we have come to expect.

How is a sentence like that written by someone? If we accept that pretty much everything is political and that multiculturalism is a relatively new concept to Britain, for it to be something ‘engineered’ in society is not even a negative yet it written with such malice.. What the fuck do I expect from this bastard case of a newspaper?  The basic idea of feeling the need to draw attention to a family of mixed race is a not-very-subtle racist philosophy at work; it is not really asking “is this political correctness being forced down our throat?” it is saying something more direct about how there is something inherently wrong about that being an acceptable depiction of what a British family might be. It is saying, in no uncertain terms, they should be white. And that is just racist.

But it seems accepting – reluctantly – that this multiculturalism is here to stay (whether we like it or not) is merely what The Mail will accept if everyone else accepts that saying the NHS was good in the ceremony was an act of total and utter political subterfuge. And they proved it by dragging one case of someone dying in bad circumstances across their tawdry fucking website.

Of course for some people it was a case of all being wrong in a different way – for this piece in The Telegraph it is a right-wing Olympics. I have written of my reservations of the Olympics in this country. However, if there is an Olympics and therefore an opening ceremony then this is the kind of ceremony it should have been. Celebrating the ceremony and the statements it has made is not the same as accepting that everything about it is fine. For me it was a case of people being proud of what was highlighted by Boyle and admiring the art he produced in the process.

(Though the writer is right to mock the belief that the show will mean all the government’s NHS-dismembering will cease because of the show.)

*I remember thinking at one point: Why is that guy dressed like Abraham Lincoln? Whatever the reason is, he looks like Kenneth Branagh; this all took place to the strains of some woman (badly) singing I Will Survive. (It was, of course, Kenneth Branagh – portraying Isambard Kingdom Brunel.)

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