Tuesday 14 February 2012

Happy St Valentines Day on Valentines Day

It’s crap isn’t it? We all know it is so I wont waste time going on about it too much. But I still feel I have to get a card for my partner. I mean, yeah blah blah excuse…card sales..blah blah but I feel bad about the thought of her saying that her boyfriend completely ignored it.

I mean we didn’t go to the Noel Gallagher gig FOR Valentine’s Day (it was a present for her birthday trivia fans; her ticket was anyway, I just bought myself a ticket because I knew I wanted to go). But it was the day before and a kind of birthday celebration. And I had just had some good news. And we’d not been out all weekend. So we went for a meal first, before meeting a couple of friends who were going to the gig. Lovely little place on St Anne’s Square, think it must be a Scottish family firm or something – McDonalds it was called. To be fair we had wanted a Nando’s but they were all really busy.

Economies of Fail

I’d hesitate to call it a sign of maturity but my purchase of Blu-rays has shown a more advanced sign of economics recently. Today I confirmed the sale of my Alien DVD quadrilogy (don’t get me started on that word) which was the trigger for me allowing me to buy the Alien Blu-ray anthology (now that’s a proper word). In times gone by I would simply have bought the Blu-ray version which I would then never watch but still keep the DVD version which I had also never watched (see: Jurassic Park trilogy).

And what was my rewards for this display of restraint? The price of the Alien Blu-ray anthology had gone up a couple of quid. By the time Amazon had taken their cut of my seller’s fee I had essentially saved about £3.12 by not just getting the Blu-ray set when I saw it. The knock-on effect was that when I saw a 2 for £10 sale Blu-rays on play.com I ended up only getting two (for £10). Clearly the crazy, hair-brained version of me would have done the sensible thing and got 6 for £30. But, no. Despite my girlfriend seeing 4 for £20 as a reasonable compromise I deleted Tango & Cash and Deep Blue Sea from my basket and just bought Point Break and The Last Boy Scout.

Ultimately, though, these two minimal acts of frugality are basically the building blocks in my justification in getting myself a tablet. And I don’t mean a packet of Paracetamol; I mean the new large smart phones-come-keyboardless laptops.

The way I look at it is this: I have a laptop and a smart phone but I need (NEED) something in between. I have also found out at some point in the future I am to be paid slightly more money for doing a slightly better job. If that doesn’t scream out ‘spend more money you don’t have’ I don’t know what does.

My girlfriend has just got a Blackberry Playbook and it seems quite good. Part of me feels a bit mean for ruining the shine on her getting something by getting one myself. Of course, I don’t think this would be the case for her at all. However I tend to imbue people with the horrible traits of my own selfish, hating personality when I think how they might react to things. One of my friends asked if I was sharing my girlfriend’s. After looking up the word ‘sharing’ in my own dictionary, that I have never let anyone use (haha! I am funny), I replied that this was a ridiculous idea. Again I refer back to harshly projecting my traits on to others – I don’t want other people using my things so I don’t want to use their things.

The other point that has been made is that I am little whore for Apple and that I will sulk after a few days that I don’t have an iPad. True, to an extent, but, a Playbook is like £170 and an iPad is £400.  And I have my iPhone and iPods for having pretty interfaces to get a stiffy over.

Great Gag

I was genuinely bowled over by a friend’s with tonight. I won’t go in to the ins and outs of what he said or quote him as a source – he hasn’t ok’d it. Or said don’t quote him. But when there is an audience out there like my blog has you have to be very careful with the litigious people out there. Needless to say I assumed he had stolen it from somewhere as it seemed too funny/witty for him to come out with.

To paraphrase he, a Manchester City fan, said he had a bottle of champagne on ice for Sir Bobby [Sir Bobby Charlton, a Manchester United icon is ill at the moment] and that it had been like the slowest version of Final Destinationever. It is a pretty sick joke, but this doesn’t stop it being very witty or means I am not respecting the events involved in making that funny. If you got the joke he was making you might disagree.


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