Wednesday 15 February 2012

Stop Getting Partridge Wrong

I have just started reading Sunshine on Putty: The Golden Age of British Comedy from Vic Reeves to The Office. I have not read enough of it to make any kind of judgement as to the overall quality of the book but it has already let me down a bit. There is an Introduction, which ever the slave to convention comes before the main body of text. It sometimes bordered on being pretentious but I kind of like that, so it was fine. Then, at the end of the Introduction – and before the first chapter – there is a chronological timeline. This covers many points of ‘alternative’ comedy covered and put alongside events from the world, such as Thatch resigning and the like. (You can look at this timeline if you want, it is viewable when you ‘have a look inside’ the book on Amazon.

So this timeline says of December 1995 “At the end of this Christmas Special – Knowing Me, Knowing Yule­ – Alan Partridge is inadvertently responsible for the death a guest and must contemplate televisual oblivion”. This is inaccurate. Alan inadvertently shot a guest (Forbes McAllister) at the end of the sixth episode of Knowing Me, Knowing You – which came before Knowing Me, Knowing Yule. At the end of Knowing Me, Knowing Yule he punches a paraplegic golfer (Gordon Heron) and BBC Chief Commissioning Editor (Tony Hayers) with a turkey, that his fist is inserted in. The only possible excuse is that Patrick Marber played both McAllister and Heron. But I am not accepting that as a possible excuse – even though that’s how I introduced it, just one sentence ago.

It’s just provincial sloppiness and it is not the best way to start a relationship with a text. Now I am going to be questioning everything I read. Hopefully I can put this whole sordid affair behind me and get on with reading about how bloody great all my comedy heroes of the 90s are/were*.

*some of them definitely went shit.

Some Information

  • I would never consider using the free earphones/headphones that come with a multimedia device.
  • I have only ever tried vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and mint ice-cream flavours. I would prefer never to have chocolate ice-cream again.
  • I don’t understand why Jamelia is not more successful than she has been thus far.
  • I have been to several weddings, three funerals and no christenings (other than my own).
  • I have never been to Ireland.
  • I have never been to Scotland.
  • I have been to Germany four times.
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